April 23, 2024
Why Choose a Liquid Vitamin?

What are Liquid Vitamins?

Vitamins taken in any drinkable form.

Why Produce Vitamins Liquid?

Physician’s Desk Reference (a highly respected medical guide for doctors) states that absorption of liquid vitamins amount to about 98% within 15 to 30 minutes! According to this research, it can be up to 10 times more effective than nutritional supplements in pill form. They provide the highest possible assimilation of nutrients into the body. This is because, in liquid form, colloidal minerals and vitamin particles are over 7000 times smaller than a human cell.

They are seen as an alternative for people who find taking pills disagreeable for any reason like taste, or difficulty in swallowing or digesting. This is true especially in the case of older people and children, for whom they are available in a variety of flavors.

Liquid Vitamins are growing in popularity as more people discover them. As consumers are changing the way they want to take their nutritional supplements more and more products are hitting the health market.

Versatility of Liquid Vitamins

Not only are they easier to assimilate in the body, but they are gaining popularity over vitamin pills because they are much more versatile. They can be taken plain or added to your favorite drink. You can certain vitamins to your meals or fortify your home-baked cakes!

In fact, fortifying beverages with vitamins has boosted the sales of juice makers all over America. These liquid assets added to their brand of juices have increased profits for these companies as more and more consumers are looking for healthy, 100% juice products, drinks fortified with extra vitamins and minerals, or interesting new flavor combinations such as carrot, strawberry and kiwi to add variety to life while meeting their nutrient needs. Not just juices but milk, or any drinkable beverage including cocktails are being fortified by liquid vitamins!

Even liquid soap manufacturers are cashing in on liquid vitamin popularity by introducing Vitamin E into their brands of shower gels and liquid hand soaps.

So what else is new? Try the new line of liquid vitamins in a spray from leading liquid vitamin manufacturers!

On the Business Side

The functional food fad is becoming a profitable business. Companies like Tropicana, Welch and Minute Maid have boosted their sales by fortifying most of their products with vitamins and minerals. Many of these products are targeting children. According to the Nutrition Business Journal, “Consumers weary of popping pills are increasingly turning to liquid supplements, fueling growth in a still small but viable market niche.”

American consumers are more aware now than ever that a good multivitamin is the foundation of health and nutrition. Liquid vitamins have a future in shaping the health of America.