April 22, 2024
Vitamin A Overdose

The motive we have to be mindful of Vitamin A overdose (aka. hypervitaminosis A) is for the reason that Vitamin A is a excess fat-soluble vitamin. This signifies that it receives stored in your entire body (generally in your liver) so using as well considerably Vitamin A is something to be very careful of.

Vitamin A “danger amounts” start to build when using in about 25,000IU or additional of Vitamin A for each day for a prolonged time. And a prolonged time can necessarily mean months, or even decades.

Some of the signs consist of blurred vision, bone agony, headaches, diarrhea, loss of appetite, skin scaling and peeling, and muscular weak spot.

So how specifically does Vitamin A overdose manifest? Toxicity happens by both consuming way too substantially preformed Vitamin A (the sort that will come from animal sources these kinds of as turkey, liver, eggs) or by using too many dietary supplements with preformed Vitamin A (typically in the variety of retinyl palmitate or retinyl acetate).

Preformed Vitamin A is absorbed promptly and eliminated gradually.

This is mainly because in buy to pass as a result of the system, Vitamin A gets paired up with specific binding proteins. Difficulties occur when these binding proteins turn out to be whole and cost-free retinol starts off to do its damage.

Vitamin A toxicity can also be from very long-phrase low intakes or short-expression substantial intakes. And small children are more vulnerable to getting far too much Vitamin A than grown ups since small children can arrive at toxic stages at smaller doses.

Also, be very careful if you are expecting. As well much Vitamin A, especially Vitamin A nutritional supplements, can cause delivery defects. Converse to you health practitioner very first and a safer bet is to choose beta carotene in its place.

Which prospects us into the up coming topic of Vitamin A overdose… beta carotene.

Is Beta Carotene Toxic?

In small, no.

But they do have some small (and humorous on the lookout) aspect results. The only facet outcome recognized by having far too substantially Vitamin A as beta carotene is your skin starts off to convert hues. It turns into like a yellow-orange tint. Believe of somebody whose spray-on tan went truly bad. That is what you are going to seem like from getting in much too significantly beta carotene.

The excess beta carotene (aka. hypercarotenodermia) will get stored in the unwanted fat underneath your pores and skin and will clearly show as a result of. You’ll almost certainly seem far more yellow than orange-y but at the very least you can brag to your friends “Hey glimpse at me, I acquired some colour!”

If you want to perform magician and have your “tan” vanish then give it a handful of weeks, lay off the carrots and the beta carotene and you should be fantastic to go.


Your very best bet is to get most (if not all) your Vitamin A from beta carotene resources. The RDA of Vitamin A, which is the minimal quantity of Vitamin A you really should get per day, is concerning 2300IU to 3000IU, depending on if you happen to be gentleman or lady.

And in buy to get all of the Vitamin A rewards, it truly is much better to get among 10,000IU and 15,000IU of Vitamin A per working day (most of it getting from beta carotene resources!).