March 3, 2024
TV Lift Cabinets – Modern and Classic

When it’s time to design your home, you have to strike the perfect balance between the classic look and modern look for your TV lift cabinet needs. Here is the usually the challenge. You probably have a great modern home entertainment system and also some other new pieces of technology. On the other hand, when you look at the modern furniture out there to serve as your home entertainment system, you realize that it’s not made with the same high quality and elegance similar to the classic wood furniture that you grew up with. So where does this leave the average entertainment system shopper? Do you have to give up the elegant furniture of old for the modern furniture that falls apart after a few years? Of course, the answer is no. You need to check out the TV lift cabinets being created by Cabinet Tronix. These are the most high tech and most classically elegant pieces of furniture on the market, and they are also affordable and convenient.

So, let’s start by talking about the look of TV lift cabinets. You will find motorized TV furniture, foot of the bed TV lift cabinets, plasma models, and many other varieties in the most beautiful, exotic wood that you could hope to find in any furniture. Some examples are the Le Bloc or Coast in Ebony Macassar units. These are elegant, dark pieces of furniture. You will also want to consider the Le Bloc style in Wenge. If you are looking for a lighter, creamier finish, then you can find the Oceanaire piano white lacquer. Other styles are the walnut burl buffet and fountain in Rosewood styles. There are many styles of Cabinet Tronix TV lift cabinets for you to choose from.

Not only will your TV cabinets look great, but they are highly functional for years. On top of that, it’s possible to request onsite installation so you can have everything custom installed for your DVD player and game systems. You can also get a special plasma TV lift or find any kind of motorized TV furniture you need.

One of the greatest features of these TV lift cabinets is that they come with a 5 year warranty. This means that you know you can trust your furniture. It is affordable and your satisfaction is guaranteed. These are fine classic pieces of furniture with a modern touch. They are built to last. Don’t sell yourself short. Order your motorized TV furniture today.