March 3, 2024
Trampoline Exercise Routines

Trampoline exercise routines depend primarily on the size of trampoline you are using. You can enjoy and become fit while performing trampoline exercise routines. Many of the routines you might enjoy doing include a basic warm up, the vertical elevation and dance, and the jumping dog.

The large outdoor trampolines are a lot of fun to work out on. Many people enjoy jumping outdoors in the fresh air. All you need is 10 minutes of vigorous jumping for an excellent workout. Trampoline aerobic exercise routines provide major benefits for mental and physical health. It is important to begin slowly if you are just beginning with a workout and out of shape. If you do not have a good cardiovascular condition, talk to your doctor before you begin any exercise routine. The best way to begin working out on an exercise trampoline is to start with 5 minutes a day and gradually builds your stamina. Slowly, you can add an additional minute to your routine each day. Never overdo it.

Warming up is one of the favorite trampoline exercise routines. You might be warming up for a separate workout. You will begin on the trampoline with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees and build momentum up and down without lifting your feet and heels from the trampoline pad. This is not strenuous but it will work the muscles in your body. Continue to move up and down as long as you like. The warm up is a great way to get your body moving and ready for a real workout. Again, remember, you are not jumping. The warm up is best when performed on a large trampoline rather than a mini trampoline. You cannot get much momentum on a mini trampoline.

Vertical elevation and dance are trampoline exercise routines you might have seen on an exercise DVD. It is known to be a great way to tone the body and clean toxins from the lymphatic system. When you perform the vertical elevation, you are just jumping straight up from the center of the trampoline. Every time you jump, bring your feet up and spring in one movement. Many athletes perform the vertical elevation for toning. The vertical elevation dance trampoline aerobic exercise routines is a lot of fun but very strenuous. You will jump in the same way you do in the vertical elevation. However, at the peak of your jump, hover your body motionless for a brief moment. During this moment, you can twist and groove to music if you like. Many people like to jump to music and perform movements to the beat of the music. If you have areas of your body you would like to focus on, this is a great way to do it.

Trampoline exercise routines are very popular for toning the body. If you have an indoor trampoline or an outdoor exercise trampoline, either will work. Many people like the large trampoline because of the fresh air and the more movement the larger one provides. You can get an exercise DVD to teach you many different routines and exercises to help you get fit also.