Easy Mini Vegan Turtles Recipe (30 min!)

This decadent mini vegan turtles recipe is the PERFECT little pick-me-up! In just 30 minutes from start to finish, you’ll transform 3 simple nourishing ingredients into a delicious vegan dessert to enjoy with after dinner coffees or to give as a DIY holiday gift. A great holiday baking project with kids or any time you need a last minute dessert.

vegan turtles in black and white bowl with tree leavesvegan turtles in black and white bowl with tree leaves

Growing up, there were always three different boxes of holiday candy at my house: Toffifee, Ovations and Turtles. All these years and countless plant-based recipes later, I’ve finally figured out how to recreate just one of them…and all it takes

Fudgy Vegan Peppermint Brownies Made with Black Beans

These might just be the ultimate vegan peppermint brownies! Packed with peppermint flavour, these brownies are made with black beans so they’re high in fiber (sneaky!) and have the perfect firm, yet fudgy texture that holds together well without being too gooey. Plus, they come together in just minutes in the food processor so they’re soooo easy to make. A thin layer of chocolate ganache and crushed candy canes makes them feel extra decadent.

vegan peppermint brownies on a white platevegan peppermint brownies on a white plate

I love a good brownie: rich, dark and fudgy…but not too sweet. And definitely not dry! It’s a delicate balance to strike but I think I’ve

Vegan Protein Overnight Oats | Dietitian Debbie Dishes

Vegan protein powder and chia seeds add a protein boost to this vegan protein overnight oats recipe. Use a vanilla protein powder and this vegan overnight oat recipe tastes a lot like a yummy sugar cookie!

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I love waking up in the morning and not having anything to do but grab my breakfast straight from the fridge. That is why I love these protein overnight oats so much! Since I don’t have much time to make, let alone eat, breakfast in the morning – meal prep friendly options like

Buttery Vegan Snowball Cookies (no flour!)

These tender, buttery vegan snowball cookies are the ultimate easy holiday cookie! They come together in one bowl – no stand mixer required – and are made without flour, so they’re naturally gluten free (but they’re so delicious no one will know!)

vegan pecan snowball cookies on a white cake standvegan pecan snowball cookies on a white cake stand

When it comes to baking cookies, I have to admit that I’m more about the eating than the baking. Which means when I create cookie recipes, I want them to be as easy as possible. Like, whip-them-up-right-before-the-party kind of easy. And these vegan snowball cookies, made mostly from pecans and almond meal, fit the bill perfectly. In just