February 22, 2024


full bodyweight strength workout (no repeats)

In this 20-minute, no repeat, whole bodyweight energy workout for newbies/intermediates, all you have to have is a gentle area this sort of as a yoga mat, a chair and water (abide by-alongside online video underneath).

Underneath are the workouts done in the exercise routine movie beneath, in get:

  1. The Butt: Frog pumps for 1-moment.
  2. Legs/Main/Butt: Plie to alternating reverse lunge, pause at the base of the lunge, for 1-minute
  3. Upper body/Triceps: A few floor force-ups, as well as 7 push-ups on a chair
  4. Legs/Butt: Extensive-leg bridge on a chair (you can also push your toes in opposition to