April 24, 2024


Is comfort food a thing? Nutritionist reveals which foods can boost your mood this winter

Will comfort eating put you in a happy & contented mood this winter? Nutritionist Rob Hobson explains how and why comfort food can boost our mood

There is plenty of evidence to show that what we eat is linked to how we feel, but the relationship is sometimes complex.

It has also been shown that many health conditions such as depression, anxiety, insomnia and PMS are affected by mood and that, in some cases addressing what you eat can help manage them.

Mood and food can also be thought of as a two-way street, as either your mood dictates what

MDaudit Annual Benchmark Report Reveals 82% of Claim Denials Are Associated With Medicare

MDaudit Annual Benchmark Report Reveals 82% of Assert Denials Are Associated With Medicare

With 82% of 2022 statements denials connected with Medicare, and 3rd-get together audit volume quickly climbing, hospitals and health programs are less than rigorous strain to safeguard and grow revenues.

These ended up amid the vital results of the 2022 MDaudit Annual Benchmark Report released today by MDaudit, the health care technological know-how enterprise that harnesses the electrical power of analytics and its proven observe report to enable the nation’s leading health care corporations to retain revenue and lessen hazard.

Peter Butler