February 22, 2024


Easy Mini Vegan Turtles Recipe (30 min!)

This decadent mini vegan turtles recipe is the PERFECT little pick-me-up! In just 30 minutes from start to finish, you’ll transform 3 simple nourishing ingredients into a delicious vegan dessert to enjoy with after dinner coffees or to give as a DIY holiday gift. A great holiday baking project with kids or any time you need a last minute dessert.

vegan turtles in black and white bowl with tree leavesvegan turtles in black and white bowl with tree leaves

Growing up, there were always three different boxes of holiday candy at my house: Toffifee, Ovations and Turtles. All these years and countless plant-based recipes later, I’ve finally figured out how to recreate just one of them…and all it takes

Quick and Easy One Pot Tuna Pasta Recipe

One Pot Tuna Pasta Recipe

I bought a multi-cooker recently and I’ve been having great fun cooking lots of new one pot meals for the family. Not only are they delicious and easy one pot recipes, but they can save time and money too! Definitely a win when you’ve got many mouths to feed. I’m going to share with you my tasty one pot tuna pasta recipe that always goes down a storm in my house.

Super Cheap Family Meals

With a large family to feed I’m always on the look out for very cheap dinner ideas. But, as a

Protective Coffee Premium PD Recipe

This is our favourite robust-roast coffee substitute that has noteworthy natural safety. The roasted and floor natural root of the chicory plant has been enjoyed as a coffee substitute for about two centuries. Sipping this effortless brew beverage promotes the professional-apoptotic exercise of autophagy, supplying cellular clear-up and detoxification with every single cup. This prebiotic brew supports our microbes to regulate our urge for food. This beverage will offer you a PD beginner a hypolipidemic reduction improve to decreased triglycerides and cholesterol even speedier than a Protective Diet program by itself. On chilly mornings