March 2, 2024


5 Expensive Gifts Ideas for Someone on the GAPS Diet

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Little Boy Christmas PresentSomeone you love is on the GAPS Diet and you’re on the hunt for a gift that will make their life easier. The GAPS Diet can be challenging but it is worth the effort. Sometimes the cost of the food

Gifts for Diabetics |

Tis the season to give healthy gifts for diabetics. Living with diabetes is difficult but having extra support in the form of diabetes friendly gifts can help make the holiday season more survivable. These healthy holidays gifts include something for everyone. 

Gift guide for diabetes Gift guide for diabetes

Just think about who you are purchasing for and how a health focused diabetes gift would be received- for some people it might be upsetting to receive a medically related gift or insulting to receive a food focused type of gift.  Full disclaimer to know your audience. If you’re not sure- a gift card from target, amazon, etc. can