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To avoid injuries around the holidays, be sure to exercise caution while you’re cooking, decorating and driving.

Most of us look forward to the holidays and savor the memories they bring. However, not all holiday memories are happy ones, as emergency rooms see a rise in certain types of injuries during the holidays. Fortunately, the following holiday safety tips can help keep your holiday memories merry and bright!

Think twice before drinking

If your holiday celebration includes alcohol, be aware that adding any amount of alcohol increases the risk of accident or injury, no matter what activity you’re engaged in.


  • 8 Common Ailments a Better Diet Can Help Remedy

    by Caitlin H,

    Nov 21, 2022

    8 Common Ailments a Better Diet Can Help Remedy

    Many of us pursue healthy eating in an effort to lose weight. While that is essential, consistently eating meals that are balanced for nutrition can also help with many common ailments we face throughout our lifetimes.

    Read on for a list of expert and science-backed health issues that eating right can help reduce, tame, and support, so you can live life to the fullest!

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    8 Ways to Benefit from Meeting with a Dietitian

    Losing weight is a challenge. 

  • Loaded Chicken Vegetable Soup | My 17 Day Diet Blog

    Loaded with a lot of fiber-rich veggies, this comforting soup is a weight loss dieter's dreamLoaded with a lot of fiber-rich veggies, this comforting soup is a weight loss dieter's dream

    There’s nothing like a big bowl of hot and yummy soup when the weather turns cold or you’re not feeling well. If you want a nutrient-dense bowl of yumminess, then this Loaded Chicken Vegetable Soup recipe is going to hit the spot!

    This Loaded Chicken Vegetable Soup comes directly from my Eat to Achieve meal plan (we are currently using this plan in our November 28th Cycle 1 Challenge) and I’m excited for the new members to experience this recipe!

    I’m not typically a huge fan of tomatoes in my soup, but they are definitely necessary in this recipe!


    Types of suicide prevention: What they are and how to get help – Mission Health Blog

    What are the warning symptoms of suicidal behavior?

    There are many warning symptoms that another person may well be considering suicide.

    “The first two are helplessness and hopelessness, as if their lifetime doesn’t have this means, or what they do does not make a big difference,” suggests Dr. Frank Drummond, nationwide healthcare director for Behavioral Well being at HCA Health care. “You may well listen to them make statements like, ‘No one particular would treatment if I wasn’t below any more,’ or ‘What’s the issue of heading to operate,’ or ‘What’s the position of having a shower?’”

    Entry to treatment,

    When to visit the emergency room for an allergic reaction – Mission Health Blog

    What are the unique sorts of allergic reactions?

    “An allergic reaction is a hypersensitive response that your immune procedure has to a sure compound,” states Dr. Josephin Mathai, healthcare director of the unexpected emergency office at HCA Florida St. Lucie Healthcare facility. “Every particular person can have a various bring about, and the amount of response you have is distinctive for everyone.”

    Allergic reactions can selection from delicate to critical. With critical allergic reactions, it is vital to administer epinephrine and go to an unexpected emergency room.

    Shellfish is the most typical allergen for grownups, adopted by peanuts and