April 12, 2024

Superior Arm Power – Elite Baseball Arm Strength Training From 1 Lift!

Superior Arm Power – Elite Baseball Arm Strength Training From 1 Lift!

It is no question that just about every position player on the baseball diamond requires arm strength! In order to get this you have got to have a smart strength and conditioning program in place. As a strength and conditioning professional and ex-athlete I realize what kind of traits the game of baseball requires of your playing performance. This is why you need a cannon for an arm, period!

Arm Strength Training For Baseball!

The game is simple. To be good at it you have got to be able to catch the ball, hit the ball, and throw the ball! This is the game of baseball and the last trait of throwing that I mentioned is a big part of the game. As a matter of fact it is 1/3 of the game! If you are going to be good at this particular feat then you have got to have a powerful arm to propel that leather sphere anywhere on the field you wish. This is why I am here to tell you about the overhead kettlebell snatch lift!

If you are a baseball player that is smart enough to realize that a smart strength and conditioning program is the key to your playing success then you have got to engage in kettlebell snatches. If you have sought help from so-called professionals that tell you overhead lifts are bad for your baseball game then I would ask for a refund of your money and turn and walk out the door. I am here to set that record straight. Check out this lift for your baseball arm strength!

First of all, the kettlebell snatch lift is known by many as the Czar of all kettlebell lifts. This single exercise promotes the superior development of your hips, glutes, abs, hamstrings, back, and shoulders. These are all the major muscle groups necessary in the act of throwing whether you are a center fielder or a pitcher. The key to this lift is that it is executed by you having to pull the bell from either the ground or from between your legs up to a held locked out position above your head. This move should be smooth, explosive, and enduring.

To execute the kettlebell snatch lift you will need the availability of a single bell. Start by gripping the bell in one hand and swinging back and forth from between your legs in a single arm swing lift. Utilize your hips and knees by forcefully flexing and then extending them to generate the momentum to elevate the bell from between your legs up to a “high pull” position just next to your head. This position of the “high pull” should mimic the act of you “pulling back on a bow,” and at the peak of this movement the bell will reach a point of “zero gravity” for a split second. The key is learning how to tame it in order to get it to this point. Once the bell is here then you will want to simply punch your palm towards the sky in order to finalize the lift.

If you haven’t already started to implement the kettlebell snatch into your baseball arm strength program then you are missing out. Stop holding back on your progress today and start dominating your competition. Feel free to access more of my articles on the subject. Remember that most any baseball player can train hard, but only the champions train smart!