April 22, 2024

S10 Lift Kit – How To Get The Best Out Of Yours

S10 Lift Kit – How To Get The Best Out Of Yours

If you own a four-wheel drive and are fond of ‘off-roading’, you are best advised to raise the ride height of your car. You can get this done by modifying the suspension, i.e. by installing a suspension lift. Alternatively, you can lift the entire body of your car.

A suspension lift can give your vehicle better ground clearance, as well as make its descent, ascent and break-over angles steeper. After a suspension lift, your car will be able to sport larger off-road tires. The kind of drive train your car has will help decide the type of lift kit you should buy.

The conventional components of a lift kit include extended shock absorbers, lift blocks, replacement trailing and control arms, as well as customized four-link systems.

A suspension lift affects the length of the drive shaft, apart from reconfiguring a truck’s brake lines and steering geometry.

Often, a lift kit results in a bigger lift in the front than in the rear of a vehicle. This is because many SUVs and pickup trucks sit at an angle, when they come off assembly lines at factories. So, a bigger lift in the front helps them sit level. While 4-inch lifts are the most popular, higher lifts, ranging from 6 to 8 inches and even higher are offered, by lift kit manufacturers.

Accommodating bigger tires on your truck facilitates better handling on off-road terrain. However, bigger tires can also cause inaccurate odometer and speedometer readings.

You need to be aware that each state of the U.S. has different laws relating to what’s permissible, in respect of placement of bumpers and lights, and ride height. So, find out your state’s laws, before you buy a lift kit.