April 13, 2024

Onnit Supplements Review – What to Know First Before Buying

Onnit is an online company that offers health and wellness supplements, nutritional products, fitness tools, and many more. Available at Onnit.com, the company has grown to be one of the best supplement providers in the US. It enjoys partnerships with renowned US comedian Joe Rogan and other celebrities.

Onnit has been gaining traction recently, especially about its supplements. But does the company live to the buzz and hype? How do supplements from Onnit work? Read this review to find out everything you need to know about this company.

What is Onnit?

Onnit is a dietary supplement company that offers a wide range of nutritional supplements that target sleep, mood, focus, digestion, performance, and immunity, among others. The company also manufactures fitness products. Beneficiaries of Onnit products aim to lose weight, improve their sleep, boost cognition, or optimize their digestion.

Aubrey Marcus is the founder of Onnit, and his business partner, Joe Rogan, is a significant shareholder in the company. Rogan, who usually promotes dietary formulas such as Alpha Brain using his podcast, is also an essential Onnit supporter.

However, Onnit provides more than just the Alpha Brain supplement. While Alpha Brain is one of the company’s most widely known supplements, Onnit has recently introduced another lineup of products. Other popular supplements exist on the platform, such as Total Gum Health, Shroom Tech Greens, Total Nitric Oxide, Stron Bone, Total Human, and New Mood.

Additionally, Onnit offers nutritional products such as MCT Oil, coffees, protein bars, and whey protein powders. Besides, the company manufactures fitness training equipment such as unique fitness tools not available anywhere else.

Recently, Onnit started fitness class streaming services and training guides that teach consumers how to use special fitness tools such as clubs, maces, and kettlebells.

Onnit Supplements

Onnit is most famous for its dietary supplements. The company makes dietary formulas that target cognition, sleep, mood, digestive health, and immune health. Some of the best-selling nutritional formulas from Onnit include Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech, Total Human, and New Mood.

Alpha Brain


Alpha Brain is one of Onnit’s flagship dietary supplements. This supplement supports boosts cognitive function such as memory, mental, speed, and focus. One clinical trial in a double-blind, placebo setting showed that Alpha Brain could help improve memory recall.

Key ingredients in this supplement include oat straw extract, L-theanine, L-tyrosine, and phosphatidylserine. Other ingredients in Alpha Brain include L-leucine, Bacopa monnieri, Huperzia Serrata, and Alpha GPC. Alpha Brain is currently priced at $79.95.

Alpha Brain Instant


Apart from the popular Alpha Brain supplement, Onnit provides an instant version. The Alpha Brain Instant is available in a single-serve powder packet, which users can simply mix with water, a shake, juice, or any other beverage of their choice and drink daily.

The instant version provides an alternative to taking the Alpha Brain supplement as a capsule. It delivers similar ingredients and dosages to the initial Alpha Brain formula. Like the original Alpha Brain supplement, Alpha Brain Instant can help with cognitive function, memory, focus, and mental speed.

The Alpha Brain Instant supplement is currently priced at $59.95. Users can get it in lemon, blackberry, peach, and grapefruit flavors.

New Mood


The New Mood supplement from Onnit is designed to improve mood and relaxation. Alongside Alpha Brain and Total Human, New Mood is also among the most popular supplements from Onnit. The manufacturer boasts the body’s stress response by delivering the ingredients to support mood, happiness, and a positive outlook.

The main ingredients in New Mood are Vitamin B6, Chamomile, 5-HTP, L-tryptophan, and valerian root. Users should take two capsules of New Mood daily before going to sleep to initiate restful sleep while promoting stress response. New Mood is currently priced at $59.90.

New Mood Instant


Like Alpha Brain Instant, New Mood Instant is a powdered version of the famous New Mood supplement. Onnit’s New Mood Instant formula is available in multiple flavors, including pineapple, mango, and orange guava. Users can simply add the powder to water or their favorite juice and drink before going to bed.

This initiates restful sleep and allows users to wake up with improved stress responses. New Mood Instant currently costs $59.95.

Instant Melatonin Spray


The Instant Melatonin Spray from Onnit is designed to help optimize sleep. The body naturally produces melatonin when one falls asleep based on the person’s natural circadian rhythm and wake/sleep cycles. Even so, many people still take melatonin supplements to boost healthy sleep.

The Instant Melatonin Spray formula from Onnit ensures that one gets enough melatonin the body needs to fall asleep at night and enjoy a more restful sleep. The supplement is currently priced at $12.95.

Total Gut Health


Many dietary supplements are made to support gut health and digestion. Total Gut Health with Probiotics from Onnit gives users the ingredients they need to support gut health, including probiotics, enzymes, and prebiotics, among others. This formula contains a blend of ingredients to boost gut health and digestion in several ways.

It delivers digestive enzymes like amylase and protease, prebiotics like pepsin, probiotics like L. acidophilus, and L. Plantarum herbal extracts that support digestion. The supplement is currently priced at $75.90.



DigesTech from Onnit is a digestive enzyme formula that delivers beneficial enzymes the gut needs to metabolize foods and absorb nutrients. The formula contains protease (for protein digestion), amylase (for carbs digestion), and lipase (for fats digestion), alongside other digestive acids and enzymes. According to the manufacturer, users should take DigesTech before a meal to support digestion in several ways with proven ingredients. DigesTech currently costs $32.95.

Total Human


Onnit’s Total Human is one of the best-known dietary supplements from the company. The product is a collection of essential and clinically studied minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that support health and wellness. It’s advertised as an improved version of a multivitamin. According to the manufacturer, users should take the Total Human formula daily to help optimize their health and wellness in multiple ways.

Total Human is available in a Day Pack or Night Pack. The Day Pack comes with four popular Onnit supplements—Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Sport, Strone Bone, and Total Human B Complex.

The Night Pack includes ViruTech, New Mood, and Key Minerals. Both packs also contain Krill Oil, Shroom Tech Immune, and Spirulina & Chlorella. Total Human is currently priced at $137.95.

Krill Oil


The Krill Oil supplement from Onnit is designed to deliver pure and fresh essential fats obtained from Krill. Just as other Krill supplements, Krill Oil supplement provides EPA, DHA, and astaxanthin to boost health and wellness in multiple ways. Users should take the Krill Oil supplement daily to give their bodies a natural source of omega-3 fatty acids and other essential ingredients.

Krill is obtained from the cold, pristine waters of the Antarctic Ocean. Many people are increasingly replacing fish oil with krill oil supplements to boost their health and wellness in multiple ways.

Joint Oil


The Joint Oil supplement from Onnit claims to promote joint mobility and health. The supplement delivers significant amounts of fish oil, borage seed oil, avocado extract, and turmeric alongside other popular ingredients for joint health. According to Onnit, users should take two teaspoons of the supplement daily to boost joint health. Joint Oil comes in one flavor—Tangerine Dream. The product is currently priced at $32.95.

Active B Complete


The Active B Complete supplement from Onnit is a methylated B vitamin supplement that contains benfotiamine, B-MTHF folic acid, and other necessary ingredients. Like different B vitamin formulas, Active B Complete claims to supply the body with the B vitamins it needs to boost immunity, support energy, and deliver overall health and wellness. The formula provides 120% to 1000% of significant B vitamins. Active B Complete is currently priced at $18.95.

Shroom Tech Greens


The Shroom Tech Greens formula from Onnit is a green superfood powder that comes in a single-serve sachet. Users only need to add the powder to water, a shake, or a beverage of their choice and drink it daily. Shroom Tech Greens is advertised for frequent travelers, low-carb keto dieters, and those who don’t get an adequate daily intake of vegetables. The Shroom Tech Greens formula fills the user’s diet gaps using natural ingredients like organic mushroom extracts such as cordyceps, reishi, and lion’s mane mushrooms. Other ingredients in this formula are organic kale, organic spirulina, and organic broccoli alongside other vegetables. The Shroom Tech Greens supplement currently sells for $59.95.

Stron Bone


Onnit’s Stron Bone supplement uses a balanced mineral formula of strontium and vitamin K2 to boost bone integrity and promote overall stability. Overall, this formula is meant to help users deal with an active lifestyle. Bone damage is a severe health problem, especially among athletes aged 25-40 years.

Common areas affected are the knees, ankles, and fingers. The Stron Bone from Onnit delivers a strontium element, which helps strengthen the bones and improve their density while supporting the growth of new bone cells. Stron Bone is currently priced at $39.95.

Key Minerals


Key Minerals is another popular supplement from Onnit. This mineral complex contains calcium, magnesium, iodine, boron, and molybdenum. The body needs these essential minerals for sustenance and proper functioning. They are called essential minerals because the body cannot make them on its own. Instead, users must get these minerals from supplement sources. The Key Minerals formula costs $19.95.

Spirulina and Chlorella


This nutrient-rich greens superfood formula from Onnit delivers a complete source of protein and supports the immune system. According to Onnit, users should take the formula daily to boost endurance, promote heart health, and supply the body with critical nutrients.

Spirulina and Chlorella are two of the most popular superfoods currently available. In a four-capsule serving, users can get 1000mg each of organic Spirulina and Chlorella. The supplement costs presently $12.95.

Vitamin D3 Spray with Vitamin K2


Vitamin D3 Spray from Onnit is an MCT oil spray that contains vitamin K2. The two vitamins (D and K2) are a valuable combination. As stated by the CDC, 23 million people in the US have a severe lack of vitamin D. Supplementing Vitamin D with K2 helps direct calcium in the body to the areas where it’s most needed, such as bones and teeth.

The formula naturally comes with no flavor, although users can buy it in passion fruit, guava, or grapefruit flavors. Vitamin D3 Spray with Vitamin K2 is currently priced at $24.95.

Protein Powders


In addition to the supplements already mentioned, Onnit provides popular Protein Powders such as its grass-fed whey isolate protein and plant-based protein. The plant-based protein from Onnit is obtained from sunflower, pumpkin, pea, and watermelon seed proteins. It delivers an equal dose of protein in a plant-based formula. Meanwhile, the whey isolate protein provides 20g of protein per serving to promote muscle gains. Protein powders cost $59.95.

Shroom Tech Sport


The Shroom Tech Sport supplement is among the best-selling products from Onnit. The formula is made from mushroom extracts and adaptogens to boost the body’s stress response and increase energy utilization during exercise, among other benefits. Cordyceps Sinensis is the vital ingredient in the Shroom Tech Sport formula. This ingredient has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for many years. This formula’s other active ingredients include ashwagandha, Rhodiola Rosea, Methyl B-12, and green tea extract. Currently, Shroom Tech Sport’s price stands at $55.89.

Total Nitric Oxide


Total Nitric Oxide from Onnit works to boost the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide naturally. It also promotes recovery, performance, and growth. Nitric Oxide is essential in widening blood vessels for easy flow and transportation of blood and oxygen to all body parts.

Key ingredients used in this supplement include L-arginine, L-citrulline, fermented beets, and mango fruit powder. Some people take nitric oxide as a pre-workout supplement to increase endurance and pump, while others take it daily to balance blood pressure and support vascularity. Total Nitric Oxide is priced at $59.99.

Total Strength + Performance


Onnit offers Total Strength + Performance as a caffeine-free bodybuilding supplement that optimizes hormone balance and supports physical performance. It also promotes strength and power, among other benefits. The supplement is available in three blends:

  • Onnit Performance Blend (with BCAAs and other amino acids
  • Onnit Support Blend (to maintain cellular integrity)
  • Onnit Power Blend (with Longjack to optimize hormone production)

One study showed that the Total Strength + Performance supplement could help increase maxes in squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. The supplement is currently priced at $59.95.



The creatine supplement from Onnit works to support strength and performance. Like other creatine formulas, Onnit’s Creatine delivers creatine monohydrate to boost muscle building, provide more endurance, and promote better recoveries, among other benefits. The formula contains 5g of creatine in the form of creatine monohydrate per serving. Creatine is currently priced at $14.99.



Glutamine is an amino acid that works to support muscle and gut health. L-glutamine is the body’s most abundant amino acid, making up 61% of the muscles’ amino acid pool. The body uses glutamine throughout the day during physical activities such as working out or playing sports. Many people take a glutamine supplement to boost the supply of this vital amino acid. Onnit’s Glutamine supplement costs $21.99.

HydraTech Instant


The HydraTech Instant formula from Onnit is a powdered formula available in single-serve packets. Users simply add the powder to water and drink daily to support hydration. This is mainly useful during physical activity. The formula delivers a mixture of electrolytes formulated for optimal absorption. The HydraTech Instant supplement from Onnit currently costs $59.95.



ViruTech is a daily immune formula from Onnit that works to supply the body with antioxidants such as vitamin C to boost immunity. The formula also contains other immune boosters like zinc and selenium. According to Onnit, users should take ViruTech daily to help combat free radicals, support immune system regulation, and boost cellular integrity, among other benefits. ViruTech currently costs $17.95.

ViruTech Immune Instant


Onnit offers an instant version of the ViruTech supplement, available in powder form. Users simply add the single-serve packet to water and drink daily to boost immunity. Like the original ViruTech, the ViruTech Immune Instant delivers vitamin C and other certified immune boosters. The formula is available in multiple flavors, including Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, and Elderberry. ViruTech Immune Instant is currently priced at $59.95.

Shroom Tech Immune


Shroom Tech Immune from Onnit is made from mushroom and herbal extracts to the immune system. The supplement claims to stimulate the immune system, increase healthy gut bacteria, and help sustain cellular integrity, among other benefits. Other ingredients present in this formula include ginger, turmeric, and oregano. Shroom Tech Immune currently costs $47.96.

Onnit Nutrition

In addition to the mentioned supplements, Onnit provides a variety of nutritional products. Some of these products are supplements, while others are foods. For instance, consumers can buy snacks, fatty butter, and more from Onnit. Main products within this category include:

Fats and Oils

Onnit provides MCT oils like MCT oil creamers, which users can add to coffee every morning. Another product in this category is the Fatbutter, which is available in almond butter, chocolate hazelnut, peanut butter, and snickerdoodle varieties.


Onnit’s lineup of snacks includes Fatbutter products, Protein Power Puffs, Protein Bites, Warrior Bars, and Protein Bars.


Onnit offers its coffee, which is an Arabica dark roast coffee. The coffee is made from whole coffee beans, farm-direct, single-origin, and shade-grown in volcanic soil. The coffee undergoes roasting in Austin using whole beans sourced from Guatemala’s 34 farms certified for Antigua coffee.

Onnit Fitness

Onnit has expanded its territory by venturing into the fitness space. The company offers unique fitness products that are unavailable from other supplement providers. Users can find clubs, maces, and sandbags, among other unique fitness options. It also provides more convenient fitness products such as kettlebells.

Fitness products from Onnit include:

  • Kettlebells: These high-quality, chip-resistant fitness machines can endure the most rigorous workouts.
  • Maces: Onnit provides maces to train the whole body with unique workouts. Users can purchase everything from a 25-pound quad mace to a 7-pound steel mace.
  • Clubs: Onnit provides quality clubs to improve primal fitness. The clubs were initially developed in Persia to condition soldiers. They are ideal for grip strength, rotational core power, and shoulder work.
  • Primal Bells: Onnit offers unique kettlebells with higher weight limits. Users can get the 18-pound Howler Primal Bell and the 90-pound Bigfoot Primal Bell. The kettlebells feature larger handles for improved grip strength. The kettlebells are made from high-quality, chip-resistant iron to enhance durability.
  • Sandbags: Onnit’s sandbags are useful during workouts, and some people use them for combat training, functional strength, conditioning, power, and explosiveness.
  • Digital and Streaming Workouts: Onnit provides exclusive digital and online streaming products like kettlebell workouts, mobility workouts, and steel club workouts, among others. These sessions are ideal for those who want to learn how to use and maximize Onnit’s fitness products.
  • Apparel: Onnit offers a unique lineup of apparel products such as T-shirts, performance shirts, outerwear, shorts, pants, hats, leggings, and tops, among others.

Onnit Collections

Consumers can buy Onnit formulas through goal-based collections. The company provides collections such as the Keto Collection and Gut Health Collection. This makes it for consumers to purchase the Onnit supplements they need to meet various health and wellness objectives.

The collections and bundles currently available from Onnit.com include:

Keto Collection

The Keto Collection from Onnit includes MCT oil formulas, Fatbutter supplements alongside other keto-friendly foods and formulas.

Building Blocks of Muscle Collection

This package from Onnit includes its most popular supplements for muscle building, recovery support, and improving strength gains. The bundle contains Shroom Tech, Glutamine, Creatine, and protein powders.

Mood and Sleep Collection

This collection from Onnit targets mood and sleep. The package contains New Mood, Melatonin Spray, and other supplements that target healthy sleep and mood.

Seasonal Collections

Onnit collects its supplements throughout the year into special collections such as the Summer Collection. This collection enables users to support total body health throughout the season.

Gut Health Collection

This collection of supplements from Onnit includes digestive enzyme formulas and probiotics, among others. It focuses on gut health.

Performance Collection

The Performance Collection is meant to improve performance in various ways. Onnit’s performance collection includes pre-and post-workout supplements to help users optimize performance during sports or workouts.

Healthy Snacks Collection

This bundle includes Protein Powder Puffs, Protein Bites, and Protein Bars, among others.

Vitality Collection

Onnit’s Vitality Collection bundle contains Joint Oil, Active B Complete, Stron Bone, and Total Human, among other formulas that promote health, wellness, and overall vitality.

Focus Collection

Onnit offers a Focus Collection bundle, including formulas to improve mood, memory, mental energy, and speed. Popular products in this category include New Mood, Alpha Brain, and MCT Oil.

Immune Support Collection

The Immune Support Collection package works to improve immunity in several ways to help the body remain healthy. The bundle includes ViruTech, Shroom Tech, and other formulas that target immunity.

Onnit Supplements: Clinical Studies

Most supplement companies don’t subject their products to clinical trials, claiming they’re too expensive. However, Onnit has invested in several clinical trials to back its products. Popular products from Onnit, including Alpha Brain, Shroom Tech Support, Total Strength + Performance, and others, have gone through clinical trials and published the reports.

For instance, in 2017, the company published a clinical trial on the Shroom Tech Sport formula. According to the report, researchers discovered that Shroom Tech Sport could help increase bench press reps, bench press, and back squat reps by a significant margin. It also improved cardio performance.

Similarly, a clinical trial on Total Strength + Performance revealed that the supplement could significantly boost workout strength during squats, bench presses, and deadlifting.

Regarding Alpha Brain, Onnit did clinical trials on the supplement in a double-blind, placebo-controlled setting. The study revealed that the supplement could significantly boost verbal memory. Overall, Onnit is among the few dietary supplement companies with clinical research supporting their products.

Onnit Refund Policy

All products from Onnit bear a moneyback guarantee. All orders through the company are supported by a 90-day refund policy, one of the best in the supplement space. To initiate the process, buyers need to contact the company even without returning the supplements. The policy applies equally to all orders regardless of the size. Initial shipping charges are, however, non-refundable.

Onnit Supplements Final Word

Onnit focuses on health and wellness products. The company offers a range of products, including supplements, fitness products, many more. According to the official website, Onnit’s products focus on different health and wellness goals such as digestion, immunity, and cognition.

Many people take Onnit supplements daily to boost an active lifestyle. Others take Onnit formulas to help them remain focused at work or school. From improving digestion to boosting memory and focus, Onnit has it all. To learn more about the products from the company, visit the official website.

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