March 2, 2024

General Information on the Vertical Wheel Chair Lift

General Information on the Vertical Wheel Chair Lift

Thankfully, there have been dozens of inventions made in the past several years for those who are facing physical struggles outside the home as well as inside. Wheel chairs started out as manual mobility devices and have been upgraded to battery charged or electrically powered devices. Lifts were then designed to glide through staircases so that users don’t need helpers to carry them. Today, these devices have been made so much easier to use. The vertical wheel chair lift is now being used in virtually every kind of building application. Whether you are in the home, office or simply visiting a place, everyone deserves to have easy access and comfort while traveling.

What is a vertical wheel chair lift?

This type of lift is basically a platform where a wheel chair-or anybody for that instance-can be lifted upwards or downwards to a new area. It resembles an elevator and is in fact considered a home elevator to most users.

What are the kinds of vertical wheel chair lifts?

There are what you call electric vertical lifts and hydraulic vertical lifts. An electric one requires electric power while a hydraulic one does not-prices may therefore differ; so choose wisely according to your specific needs.

There are various models. There is the usual elevator-style lift that is fitted within four walls (minor renovation may therefore be needed in your home). Then there is the enclosed model, which has a platform that automatically encloses with four walls when the wheelchair is on it and ready to be lifted. Other models are smaller in size, have no ceiling, or have only platforms to raise the wheelchair to shorter levels such as when elevating to get into a vehicle or single floor step. Again, costs may differ because of the varying structures, but remember, there are some features you may or may not need.

Where can I use these lifts?

There is more than one answer to this question. The vertical lift is being used everywhere from homes, auditoriums, hospitals, offices to old buildings.

Residential Homes – Homes with more than 2 stories can definitely benefit from this kind of chair lift for easy access to the top floor.

Schools and Universities – Auditoriums, which are usually found in schools and universities, are known to have many steps and so can be very difficult for students who are physically challenged. A smaller sized vertical wheel chair lift would be appropriate for these types of setting.

Establishments – Older buildings often do not have elevators that are as spacious as the modern ones. Therefore wheelchairs usually cannot fit into their elevators. Older establishments can easily install a vertical lift.

What features should I look for?

Safety – A good vertical wheel chair lift should have an anti-slip platform for maximum safety, especially if the area is busy or outdoors. It should be low enough for wheelchairs to easily roll on and off of it and have safety railings.