March 3, 2024

Extend Your Reach With a Power Wheelchair with Lift Seat

Extend Your Reach With a Power Wheelchair with Lift Seat

Wheelchair users, especially people who have recently started using a wheelchair or power scooter to remain mobile, may notice that they have trouble with some common household items. Shelves, cupboards, and light switches that were once a convenience are now an obstacle, because they are out of reach. It can become difficult to even go to the supermarket, where you may not be able to reach the top shelf or see what’s there. Elevators are difficult to use if you can’t reach the buttons, making it difficult when visiting some hotels or tall buildings. A power wheelchair with lift seat can help you regain access to the things you can’t reach sitting down.

In order to reach light switches, shelves, and high counters in your home while sitting in a wheelchair, you may have to make major modifications and redo the wiring. Cupboards and high shelves would become unusable. Power wheelchair and scooter users may spend less than the price of modifying their home on a power wheelchair or scooter with a lifting seat. This can help you to be mobile and independent, allowing you to reach high-up objects in and out of your home.

Lift seats are available on both power scooters and power-base wheelchairs. Some power-base wheelchairs and power scooters come with lift seats standard, others can have lift seats added at an extra cost. The least expensive of the two is the power scooter. If you cannot walk long distances because of your physical condition but you have the mobility to sit in the scooter or get out of the scooter on your own, this can be a good option for you despite its larger size and wider turning radius. A power-base wheelchair is necessary if you are unable to walk even short distances or if you have difficulty standing up from a chair or exiting a scooter. If you’re not sure which device meets your mobility needs you should ask your doctor or physical therapist.

A lift seat is not an economic option if you do not need a power wheelchair or scooter to begin with. If you are able to use a manual wheelchair, it may actually be more convenient and economic to modify your furniture and light switches so you can reach them.

If you do need a power wheelchair or scooter, consider buying a power wheelchair with lift seat; the difference in cost is not great and you can avoid making costly home improvements.