April 12, 2024

Exercise – How to Use the Elliptical Fitness Machine Safely

Exercise – How to Use the Elliptical Fitness Machine Safely

Tips for Using the Elliptical Machine.

The elliptical machine offers more when it comes to burning calories, building low body muscle endurance, and exercising your cardiovascular system. I have assigned this machine to the majority of my fitness clients because it is such a great piece of fitness equipment. It offers non-impact exercise which is more safe for your joints. It also offers an efficient workout which will produce great results. That is, if you are using it properly.

As with any exercise machine, you must use the correct technique for safety and best results. Unfortunately, some people do not use the proper technique while on the elliptical machine. Improper form on this or any exercise machine can cause pain, injury, and poor results.

Here are some quick tips while using the elliptical machine…

Make sure your knees are lined up with your hips while you are in motion. In other words, do not allow your knees to sway side to side or to fall in towards each other. Some people allow their knees to move laterally which is very unsafe. Poor knee alignment can cause pain and damage in the knees, ankles, hips, and spine. Make sure your toes are facing forward, do not turn your feet out or in while using the elliptical or performing any leg exercise. If your toes are not facing forward it may cause your knees to move out of line.

Make sure you are going backwards as much as you go forward. Alternate the forward and backward motions. The backward motion will work your quads more. The forward motion will work your hamstrings more. Some people have an imbalance between their quads and hamstrings. You want to prevent an imbalance which can lead to pain and injury. Make sure you set the pedals at a comfortable height. Alternate between high and low pedal settings. Many people are more comfortable with the pedals lower. That gives more of a forward/back gliding motion rather than a stepping motion.

Remember, bad form on this exercise machine can cause problems with may areas of your body so check your technique each time you use this machine. I like this machine the best of all the cardio machines available, but be sure you are using it properly. Ask a trainer for help if you are not sure whether you are using proper form. And for more complete low body health, make sure you are stretching your quads, hamstrings, piriformis, calves, and ITB on a regular basis. For ideas on stretching your low body view the Stretching for Low Body workout at www.Legs-Plus.com.

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