March 3, 2024

Electric Wheel Chair Lift – What Are the Options?

Electric Wheel Chair Lift – What Are the Options?

Electric wheel chair lifts are essentially motor-driven lifts. These lifts are installed at the back of one’s vehicle. The lifts are powerful, and are capable of lifting your wheel chair and mobility chair right from the ground into your vehicle.

Using an electric wheel chair lift is easy. All that you have to do is to place the object that you want to lift on the platform of the lifting system. Then at the touch of a single button, the motor will elevate the object to the desired height. Thus you shall be able to solve your problem of getting heavy objects inside your vehicle with utmost ease.

There are two primary options for you to install and store an electric wheel chair lift in your car or truck. In the one that is better to look at, you shall have an electronic fold system installed. This fold system will get folded inside your vehicle. For a car, it will go inside the boot trunk. In case of a van or a truck, it will move up on the backside and go in. In any case, none would be able to spot the folded system from outside.

The other option is where the electric wheel chair lift is attached flatly to the rear side of the van, truck or car. In this case, the lift system will be visible from outside. As a result of this, many people tend to prefer the first type over the second. The second one is said to be more robust, but for all practical purposes both of these systems function well.

Electric wheel chair lifts are available to fit most of the ordinary circumstances. You should not find it difficult to locate models that look good, as well as fit perfectly with your car, van or truck. In fact, there are retailers who help you locate the model that goes the best with your vehicle. It may not be difficult for many of us to fit the electric wheel chair lift on our vehicles. However, if you want to make sure that the fitting is good and there is no chance of any accidental lapses, you may still want to consider getting this done by a professional.

It is interesting to note that medical companies and most of the insurance companies do not cover these lifts. However, if you are going for a new vehicle either for purchase or for lease, many automobile companies would offer you a handsome reimbursement that will cover a significant portion of the cost of buying the electric wheel chair lift. So do make sure that you double-check with the automobile dealer at the time of purchase of your vehicle.