April 24, 2024

Brazil Butt Lift Review – Does it Really Target the Rear? Can it Make Your Booty and Thing of Beauty

Brazil Butt Lift Review – Does it Really Target the Rear? Can it Make Your Booty and Thing of Beauty

So I got some really good results from some of Beach body’s programs like P90x and Insanity. It automatically makes you want to try anything that would come out next right? I just wasn’t sure. Well the Brazil Butt Lift is a 30- 90( depending on your desired results and current fitness level) day home based workout made by Leandro Carvalho ( a native of Brazil and former Ballet dancer/Personal Trainer) and is based on his method he calls Triangle Training- which works the 3 muscles of the buttocks( the Gluteus Maximus, Gluteus Medius and Gluteus Minimus). It promises a nicely shaped and lifted rear. Apparently Leandro Carvalho trains supermodels to get them in runway condition in short periods of time. I saw a clip of the Brazil Butt Lift from Beach body and said I do not want to try something that looked like it was basically for women. I just happened to say this in front of my niece and sister. Boy did I get an earful. All I heard was that there is not one women in the world who doesn’t want to have a better rear( Booty) my sister said! I said ok, then my niece said well you know since I just had a baby and I was thinking of what product I could use to make my hips and thighs slimmer and lift my rear back to they way it was before the baby( Noah). Then they both agree with that girls like guys that have great rears too. Hmmm this made me think a lot, but I was letting my ego get the best of me after doing the intense exercise like P90x and Insanity I just figured it would just be too easy. So I purchased the Brazil Butt Lift for my sister and niece and when it arrived they said the wanted to start it ASAP. In the Package was a nutrition guide, a 6 day Supermodel Slimdown Plan- lose up to 6” or 6lbs in 6 days, Triangle Training workout cards -for workouts on the go, Booty make over guide-shows you what workouts to perform depending on your Booty type(Flat Solution,Pear Shape,The Too Big Solution,The Combination Solution), a Pencil to perform the pencil test-where you put the pencil under your buttock to determine how much lift is needed, Measurement tracking card- for Male or Female, Measuring Tape- for taking measurements- A booty band- A band to put around your ankles or knees or thighs during exercises to add resistance- 3 workout Dvds( 5 in the Deluxe) The workout are:

Base Package

Booty Basics- Where Leandro shows you his moves and form so you can get the best out of your workouts( 20 min).
Bum Bum( boom boom) is an intense cardio and lower body sculpting program (35 min)
High & Tight- This program works on all the stubborn trouble ones like the hips butt and saddle bags(35 min).
Sculpt- A total body weighted workout with a sexy Brazilian twist to sculpt your whole body esp the butt(50 min).
Cardio Axe-A fat burning dance and booty shaking workout for all over slimming results fast!(30 min).
Tummy Tuck- This is the tummy toner ab routine (20 min).

Deluxe Package( Plus Base workouts and bands)

Rio Extreme – Break through exercise plateaus with this challenging workout. (50 min.)
Abs Rapido – Slim and strengthen your abs with this tummy-tightening workout. (10 min.)
Uppercuts – Incorporate kickboxing moves into your workout for sleek, sexy arms. (13 min.)

(1) Yellow = beginner level band

(1) Green = medium strength band

(1) Red = strongest band

Ankle Weights- to build stamina and intensify your workout.

What you will need- some small weights ( 3lb,5lb and 8lb) a heart rate monitor(always for cardio)
ankle weights ( between 3 and 5lbs.) for higher intensity, like in Deluxe Package. Basically you do your booty type workout for 30 days and move to the Combination Solution for another 30 days. You can also switch the weeks around to get a different workout after you have achieved your desired results.

So they wanted to view the dvds. We watched one called Cardio Axe. It actually takes place at Leandro’s studio in New York and on the beaches of Brazil. I can honestly say it looked very fun the music is great and the moves are very very cool. The very next day My sister and niece decided to do Cardio Axe and they asked if I wanted to try it also I said yes after the pleading and begging( 2 times). I felt really weird for about 3 minutes because the moves are totally different than anything I have ever tried.

After that I felt very good and was having a great time it really didn’t feel as if I was working out at all. I was sweating bullets and felt like I was in Brazil with the great music and Brazilian backgrounds and cut scenes. Leandro is a very good motivator and does the moves just like the others. I was reminded the very next day when my butt muscles were very very sore! I called my sister and niece and the were experiencing the same.Wow I guess it really does target the muscles in your rear. I was shocked because that was only one workout ( 1 day) and we felt the soreness. I think I might start adding in some of these workouts for some of the other cardio and ab exercises or maybe I will just purchase another for myself since I actually did have fun. It isn’t a bad idea to switch things up in your fitness schedule, but what is a bad idea is to let your ego get in the way of missing or on something that could be very good to and for you in some way or another. Just like with every fitness regimen, nutrition is very important. Without nutrition your body won’t reflect all of your hard work. Thank you for reading my review. Have a great day.