April 22, 2024

Body Building Supplementation – Does Creatine Build Muscles?

Body Building Supplementation – Does Creatine Build Muscles?

Creatine is probably one of the best known and widely used supplements on the market today. Bodybuilders and athletes have been using creatine in their workouts for years because of its performance enhancing qualities. A common question that many body builders have asked is does creatine build muscles? This article will help answer that question.

Creatine accomplishes a few things when taken. It helps muscles retain water so when you weight train your muscles will respond and grow more efficiently. Creatine also assists in developing strength and increased endurance as well.

If you understand what creatine does and the effects it has on muscle building the your expectations will become more realistic when using it. Using creatine does not mean you will grow huge muscles overnight or even in a few weeks. You have to do the work. If you aren’t lifting weights while supplementing with creatine your results will be poor. Creatine is only an adjunct to the hard work you do in the gym.

Does creatine build muscles? Using creatine while you are weight training will assist your muscles in growing bigger and stronger. Creatine alone will not build up your muscle size or strength. Think of it as helping your muscles respond to the work you are doing in the weight room more effectively.

Creatine hydrates muscle cells. This hydration (taking in water) makes the muscles look fuller and bigger. It may also stimulate protein synthesis. It is possible that creatine supplementation may increase the production of human growth hormone.

It is best to use creatine after you have begun a weight training routine. You will begin to see results in your muscle strength and growth as time goes on, as long as you are putting the work in. If you do stop taking the creatine you will likely lose the effects it had on water retention in the muscle cells. The good news is if you were training hard with the weights you won’t lose the muscle you have gained.