Best Hair Growth Vitamins: Buy Top Hair Growth Products 2021

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Table of Contents

Hair growth vitamins and natural hair care supplements can transform your appearance.

A good hair growth supplement contains ingredients that revitalize and rejuvenate your hair. Some supplements can make your hair look younger. Others strengthen your hair from the follicles out.

Whether taking a supplement or applying a natural hair growth formula, you have plenty of options.

All hair growth formulas claim to improve your hair. Unfortunately, most of them are built on junk science and don’t work.

To help, we ranked the best hair growth vitamin supplements and other products. The products listed below can solve hair problems and transform your appearance – just like you would expect with any hair growth formula.

Ranking the Best Hair Growth Vitamins of 2021

Our editorial team contacted manufacturers, read through lab reports, pored through studies, tested products, and did our due diligence to rank the best hair growth vitamin supplements and products of 2021. Here’s what we found:

  • Hair La Vie
  • Essential Elements Hair Hero
  • Hair La Vie Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins
  • Folital
  • Hair Revital X
  • Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins
  • Hers
  • Hims
  • Har Vokse
  • Foligray
  • Nutrafol
  • Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment
  • Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze
  • Kintsugi KeraNew
  • Nutrafol Women
  • Viviscal
  • Profollica
  • Nutrafol Men
  • Restolin
  • Divine Locks
  • Revifol
  • Procerin
  • Folexin
  • Valotin

Let’s jump right into each of the best hair growth vitamin supplements and review what they bring to natural hair care support:

Hair La Vie

Hair La Vie is a lineup of hair care products like shampoos, serums, conditioners, and powdered formulas. By taking or applying the products daily, you can purportedly use natural ingredients to enjoy stunning results.

Many hair growth formulas are marketed to men who want to reverse balding. However, Hair La Vie markets its products primarily towards women. According to the official website, women have enjoyed spectacular results after applying Hair La Vie products, including faster hair growth, stronger hair, and younger-looking hair, among other benefits.

Essential supplements in the Hair La Vie lineup include the Foundation Collagen Elixir, the Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins, PhytoCera, and the Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins. The company also sells topical treatments like Lash24, the Renewing Growth Treatment, the No. 77 Leave-In, and the Hair La Vie hair mask, among other topical products.

Essential Elements Hair Hero

image 2

Essential Elements Hair Hero is a nutritional supplement that contains similar ingredients to Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins, one of the top-ranked options on our list. Also abbreviated as HH, Hair Hero contains collagen, biotin, saw palmetto extract, horsetail, and bamboo stem and leaf extract, among other ingredients linked to hair growth.

By taking Essential Elements Hair Hero daily, you can purportedly accelerate hair growth by giving your hair the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, and plant extracts it needs to grow. Hair Hero is one of a range of supplements sold online by Essential Elements. At under $30 for a one-month supply, it’s one of the best hair growth supplements on our list.

Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins

image 6

Hair La Vie is one of the best hair growth support companies on this list. The company manufactures a range of supplements and topical treatments, but one specific supplement is worth its mention. Hair La Vie’s Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins use natural ingredients to repair, fortify, and grow healthy hair.

You take one capsule of Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins with breakfast, then one with dinner to support hair throughout the day. Like other oral hair care supplements on this list, Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins works from the inside out to promote hair growth. The supplement contains ingredients like saw palmetto extract, organic kelp, horsetail herb, and bamboo leaf and stem, among other elements.


image 5

Folital is a hair growth formula marketed as a 100% natural and effective way to address weak follicles. By taking capsules of Folital daily, you can purportedly support hair growth using natural ingredients.

Folital contains more ingredients than virtually any other supplement on this list: the supplement consists of a mix of 29 plant extracts, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. It’s like a multivitamin combined with a hair growth formula. Folital doesn’t just claim to strengthen your hair: the supplement also claims to eradicate hair loss, purify and detoxify your hair, eliminate inflammation and free radicals within your hair cells, and help your hair absorb more nutrients, among other benefits.

Hair Revital X

image 10

Hair Revital X is a hair growth supplement from Zenith Labs. The supplement claims to be specially formulated to support balanced DHT (DHT is your hair loss hormone), stimulate natural regrowth of thinning and receding hair, and fortify follicles and hair cells.

Your Hair Revital X purchase comes with two products, including an oral supplement (take two capsules per day) and a serum (spray on your hair daily as needed). By taking the two Hair Revital X products daily, you can purportedly transform the appearance of your hair in a few weeks. The supplement is marketed to both men and women. It’s also one of the few supplements on this list that a doctor-formulated.

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins

image 8

Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins offers benefits above and beyond the Revitalizing Blend Hair Vitamins supplement above. If you like Hair La Vie’s other hair growth supplements, then Hair La Vie’s Clinical Formula Hair Vitamins may accelerate the effects.

The supplement claims to promote healthy, natural hair growth and shine using natural ingredients like amla berry, reishi mushroom extract, vitamin E, saw palmetto, and hydrolyzed collagen, among other elements. Most reviewers agree that the supplement works as advertised to rejuvenate hair, help your hair look younger, and promote other powerful benefits from the follicle out.


image 12

Hers, found online at, is a women’s hair care brand specializing in hair loss treatments. You can buy a minoxidil formula through Hers along with a Salon Strength System, a Complete Hair Kit, and a Weekender Kit, among other products. Hers also offers Rapid Repair Masks, Detox Scalp Scrubs, Conditioners, and other hair care products for women.

You can also buy hair care supplements through Hers, including Biotin Gummies. Hers is also one of the few brands on this list with an eyelash strengthening serum. Whether seeking to regrow hair, repair hair, or simply strengthen and support your hair, Hers has a range of products targeted to different needs.


image 13

Hims, found online at, offers similar products to its sister brand, Hers. Hims offers FDA-approved hair loss treatments like minoxidil, which is an FDA-approved topical treatment for regrowing hair. Hims offers a Minoxidil Solution, Minoxidil Foam, and other products to help men regrow hair.

Hims is also popular for its combo packs, including the Hair Power Back. If you want to support hair growth in multiple ways using multiple products, then Hims may be the right choice for you. Other products are available through Hims, including Shampoo+, Conditioner, Biotin Gummies, and Topical Finasteride.

Har Vokse

image 11

Har Vokse is a hair nutraceutical that supports hair at different growth stages. According to the manufacturer, Har Vokse is the world’s first premium and natural hair rejuvenating complex that uses marine protein, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support hair growth in various ways.

By taking Har Vokse daily, you can purportedly strengthen, fortify, and protect your hair. Har Vokse is also one of the few supplements on this list that claims explicitly to regrow lost hair and prevent hair loss. According to the official website, Norwegian researchers have developed a formula that fixes balding, reverses a receding hairline, and provides benefits we don’t see with other hair growth supplements listed here. Although we were skeptical of products that advertised themselves as solutions for balding, Har Vokse is a food supplement for natural hair growth packed full of potent vitamins and is backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee.


image 4

Foligray is a nutritional supplement that uses copper, folic acid, and biotin to support hair pigmentation and healthy hair. Most supplements on this list focus on hair growth and quality. However, Foligray is one of the few that focuses specifically on the pigmentation of your hair. The supplement contains vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to nourish hair pigmentation at a cellular and follicle level.

According to the makers of Foligray, an enzyme in Foligray called catalase is essential for reducing levels of hydrogen peroxide, which can affect the color of your hair. Your catalase production naturally drops with age. Foligray gives you the catalase you need to affect pigmentation as you get older.


image 18

Nutrafol is a lineup of hair care supplements marketed to men and women. With separate formulas for men and women, Nutrafol claims to support your whole body’s health, making it easier for your hair to grow. Popular Nutrafol products include Nutrafol Women, Postpartum, Balance, and Men. Each supplement provides targeted hair growth benefits catered to your body’s unique needs.

In clinical trials on Nutrafol, 84% of participants saw thicker, stronger, and softer hair growth, 100% of women showed visible improvement in hair growth, and 83% of men saw improved hair quality, among other benefits. 350+ top salons worldwide use Nutrafol, and the company has received media praise and attention in recent years. They’re one of the more established hair growth product companies on this list.

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment

image 9

Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment is the third Hair La Vie supplement on our list. The formula delivers a concentrated, multi-level formula that gives you stronger, denser-looking hair. And, because it’s a serum, it works more quickly than a nutritional supplement. Your hair and scalp absorb the ingredients quickly. According to Hair La View, Renewing Growth Treatment can give you volumized, hydrated, tangle-resistant hair “instantly.”

Priced at around $35 per bottle, Hair La Vie’s Renewing Growth Treatment uses natural ingredients and plant extracts to support hair growth in multiple ways. Key elements include Ecklonia cava, Capauxein G2, Capixyl, AquaCat, and Procataline, among others.

Kintsugi Amplifying Glaze

image 14

Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze burst onto the market in 2021. Like other serums, Kintsugi’s Amplifying Glaze coats your hair with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support hair growth in multiple ways. By applying the weightless serum daily, you can give your hair a nourishing all-in-one treatment with a flexible hold while making your hair look thicker, fuller, denser, and more voluminous from the beginning to the end of each strand.

Kintsugi uses a blend of marine extracts, premium polymers, and therapeutic protein compounds to provide these benefits. The Amplifying Glaze formula gives your hair and scalp the ingredients it needs to support hair growth from the follicle out, combating dullness and breakage to give your hair a lustrous quality.

Kintsugi KeraNew

image 15

KeraNew is the second Kintsugi supplement on our list. Unlike the Amplifying Glaze, however, KeraNew is a nutritional supplement that supports your hair from the inside out. By taking the supplement daily, you can purportedly combat the signs of aging hair, harness the power of protein, nourish your scalp, and strengthen your strands to make your hair look fuller, healthier, and more youthful.

At $78 per bottle, KeraNew is one of the most expensive hair care supplements on this list. However, Kintsugi emphasizes the value of the multi-action formula: KeraNew can purportedly ‘silkify’ your hair to give it a soft and luxurious quality, promote the appearance of fuller and thicker hair, and quickly give your hair a youthful sheen and luster, among other benefits we don’t expect from average hair care supplements.

Nutrafol Women

image 17

Also known as Nutrafol Hers, Nutrafol Women is a hair growth supplement explicitly designed for a woman’s body. The supplement won 2018 Best of Beauty Breakthrough award from Allure Magazine. It’s also a brand repeatedly recognized by dermatologists. In one study, 86% of women saw improved hair growth after using Nutrafol, and 84% saw thicker, stronger, and softer hair.

Nutrafol Women use marine collagen, tocotrienol complex, ashwagandha, and other ingredients that interact with hair growth in different ways to achieve those benefits. Some elements work as adaptogens to support stress response in your body, making it easier to grow hair. Collagen, meanwhile, is the most abundant protein in your hair and body, supporting hair in multiple ways.


image 24

Viviscal is a hair growth supplement that claims to help men and women reclaim their hair in as little as 90 days. Additionally, Viviscal is one of the most-studied hair care brands on this list: the formula is backed by ten published clinical trials. In those clinical trials, Viviscal users experienced a 32% increase in hairs, a 39% decrease in hair shedding, and a 92% increase in hair thickness after three months.

Before and after images published on, we can see photos of men and women reversing significant hair loss after taking Viviscal. The formula claims to work by nourishing your follicles across four stages, giving you noticeably thicker hair in as little as three months. Although it doesn’t work for everyone, Viviscal’s hair care products (including supplements, the Densifying Shampoo, the Densifying Conditioner, and the Densifying Elixir) could offer powerful results in many men and women.


image 20

Profollica is a few hair growth formulas on this list sold at Walmart and other major in-store retailers. You can also buy it through Amazon and other major websites. Profollica is marketed as a hair loss remedy that slows down overall hair loss in men, improves hair regrowth, and lowers overall hair loss.

The makers of Profollica claim their formula can lead to lower overall hair loss in 90% of men. In one test group, 87.5% of men experienced hair growth rated as medium, good, or quite good. Profollica consists of a dual-action formula with a serum and a supplement: you take the supplement and apply the serum daily to reverse hair loss quickly. Key ingredients in Profollica include niacin, vitamin B12, pantothenic acid, iodine, manganese, water, Ginkgo Biloba, and other unique vitamins, minerals, plant extracts, and herbs.

Nutrafol Men

image 16

Also known as Nutrafol His, Nutrafol Men is a male hair growth supplement that claims to give men visibly more thickness and scalp coverage. The supplement can target the root cause of thinning, including hormones, stress, and poor nutrition – all without compromising sexual performance.

Nutrafol Men is also the only supplement on this list that considers itself “medical-grade,” claiming to use multiple natural ingredients to support whole-body health. As the winner of a 2019 Esquire Grooming award, Nutrafol Men is another dermatologist recommended hair growth supplement for men and one of the top-rated formulas on our list.


image 21

Restolin is a hair regrowth supplement that uses natural ingredients to support hair growth. The formula was created by a man named William Anderson, who claims to have enjoyed powerful results using the formula, so he decided to sell the formula to the world.

Today, Restolin contains a combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-glucan, pine bark, Essiac tea complex, quercetin, and lycopene. While other supplements flood your body with hair growth support nutrients, Restolin gives your body antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in your scalp and hair cells, making it easier for your hair to grow naturally.

Divine Locks

image 1

Divine Locks claims to target a specific part of the hair follicle called the dermal papillae. While other hair supplements ignore this area, Divine Locks claims to target it, leading to better hair growth. That’s important because, according to, the dermal papillae are responsible for hair loss, thinning, and other issues. By targeting these areas, Divine Locks can purportedly transform the appearance of your hair.

Divine Locks contain ingredients like MSM, biotin, selenium, astaxanthin, and hyaluronic acid to achieve those benefits, among other elements. Some of these ingredients detoxify your hair, while other ingredients moisturize it. By taking two capsules of Divine Locks daily, you can purportedly revitalize your hair from the inside out.


image 22

Revifol is a nutritional supplement that uses a supercharged cocktail to help hair regrow from follicles. While other supplements simply claim to support hair growth, Revifol can purportedly regrow hair in bald spots – a benefit that most hair care supplement companies don’t advertise.

Before and after images published on, we see men transforming the appearance of bald scalps by taking Revifol daily. Many customers have visible bald spots with no hair, only to change their appearance by taking Revifol. At $69 per bottle, Revifol is one of the pricier hair growth supplements listed here. However, the supplement is backed by testimonials online showing it can reverse baldness and provide other powerful benefits, according to


image 19

Procerin is a natural supplement that comes in the form of a tablet. It’s marketed as a male hair loss treatment specifically for men with male pattern baldness. According to, the formula can start regrowing male hair in as little as a few weeks. Procerin consists of multiple products, including a dietary supplement called the Hair Regrowth Complex, a serum called Scalp Therapy Foam, and a shampoo called Scalp Therapy Shampoo.

To reverse hair loss, Procerin uses ingredients that revitalize hair follicles, prevent DHT production (which is linked to baldness), and maintains scalp health, among other benefits. The company also claims to have completed an IRB-approved clinical trial where 94% of people slowed hair loss after using Procerin. Plus, all purchases are backed by a 90-day moneyback guarantee.


image 3

Folexin includes vitamins, minerals, and natural herbal extracts to support healthy hair. The ingredients in Folexin can purportedly give you radiant, strong, and beautiful hair while keeping your biological growth processes. According to the official website, after taking two capsules of Folexin daily for a few weeks, you should notice thick, strong, and healthy hair.

Folexin contains many of the same vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in other hair care supplements listed here to achieve those benefits. It also includes a proprietary formula with L-tyrosine, horsetail extract, and other ingredients linked to hair growth. By supporting the three stages of the natural hair growth process, Folexin can quickly lead to powerful results. At under $25 per bottle, Folexin is also one of the most competitively-priced hair growth formulas on our list.


image 23

Valotin is a lineup of hair care products that can support hair growth in multiple ways. You can take Valotin’s hair care supplement, for example, to support hair growth from the inside out. To complement the effects of the supplement, you can take the serum, shampoo, and conditioner.

A Richmond, Virginia-based company makes Valotin. With bundles priced at $50 to $68 for multiple Valotin products, the company is competitively priced compared to other formulas on our list. The serums and shampoos contain similar ingredients to most other natural hair care products on our list. Meanwhile, the oral Valotin supplement contains vitamin A, vitamin B1, biotin, zinc, PABA, L-tyrosine, horsetail extract, saw palmetto, plant sterols, and other ingredients, making Valotin’s supplement similar to Folexin and other hair growth supplements. Plus, the company has complete ingredient transparency.

How We Ranked The Top Hair Growth Formulas

All hair care supplements claim to support hair growth. Unfortunately, most of them don’t work. To separate the best and worst hair growth supplements, we used the following metrics.

Clinically Proven Ingredients

Some hair growth supplement ingredients have been proven to work in clinical settings. They’ve been tested on humans and shown to lead to actual, long-term results. Other components are less established and backed by junk science. We put a heavy emphasis on supplements and products that used proven ingredients.

Transparent Advertised Benefits

Some hair growth supplement companies promise unrealistic things. They claim to regrow balding hair, for example or make your hair look 20 years younger overnight. We were wary of hair growth supplement companies that were dishonest with their advertised benefits.

Balding Reversal

A supplement will not reverse a receding hairline, nor will a hair growth product fix balding overnight. A good hair growth supplement can support your current hair follicles. However, once you’ve gone bald, a supplement will not regrow hair in that area. We were wary of manufacturers that advertised their oral supplements as a solution to balding. However, there’s plenty of evidence proving that topical formulas with minoxidil (an FDA-approved solution for balding) can help reverse balding.

Cost & Value

Some people want to spend $20 on a hair loss supplement. Others are willing to pay hundreds of dollars per month to prevent hair loss. We featured proven supplements at a range of different prices, although we emphasized good value at every price range.

Real Evidence

Some of the best hair growth supplements are backed by factual evidence – like placebo-controlled clinical trials or thousands of positive user reviews. Other hair growth supplements are supported by limited information or zero studies and have few positive reviews. The more real evidence a hair growth supplement had, the higher we ranked it.

Ingredient Transparency

Some hair care products promise the world but then refuse to disclose ingredients. When comparing hair care products, elements are essential. Some shampoos claim to be natural yet contain unnatural ingredients. Some supplements use all of the right hair support ingredients – but at the wrong dosages. We preferred supplements with transparent, effective ingredients.

Manufacturer Reputation

Some hair care products come from world-class salons in Beverly Hills or top scientists in renowned laboratories. Others are sourced from cheap overseas factories using knock-off formulas and weak ingredients. We considered manufacturer reputation in our rankings, and we preferred companies with a long and proven track record for releasing quality hair products.

Moneyback Guarantee

Even the best hair growth supplement will not work for everyone. We liked hair growth supplements backed by a moneyback or satisfaction guarantee. If the hair growth supplement did not work for you, you should obtain a refund. The best hair growth supplements back up their product with a moneyback guarantee.

Who Should Take a Hair Growth Supplement?

Hair growth supplements and hair care products can benefit anyone. Men take hair growth supplements to combat balding. Women take supplements to grow thicker, more voluminous hair.

  • Some people have hair issues before taking a supplement. Others take a supplement simply to maintain their great-looking hair.
  • Some of the people who could benefit from a hair growth supplement include:
  • Men in their 20s or 30s who have started to notice early signs of baldness
  • Men of any age who want to restore the hair they enjoyed when they were younger
  • Anyone dealing with a receding hairline, baldness, and other issues
  • Women experiencing thinning hair, bald spots, and similar issues
  • Anyone who wants to combat dullness in their hair and restore their hair’s youthful luster
  • Someone who wants to avoid hair plugs, surgery, prescription medication, and other invasive hair loss treatments
  • People of any age who want thicker, younger-looking, healthier-looking hair

50% of men and 25% of women will experience hair loss at some point – so it’s easy to see why hair loss supplements are popular among multiple age groups.

Side Effects of Hair Growth Supplements

Adults with healthy hair use natural ingredients and should come with no side effects when healthy adults use standard dosages.

As long as you follow the recommended dosage instructions on your hair growth supplement, you are unlikely to experience any side effects. By FDA regulations, supplements must use ingredients and dosages Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS).

Similarly, topical hair treatments – like masks, serums, and similar products – are not associated with significant side effects in most people. However, cheaper products could contain ingredients that irritate the scalp or cause an allergic reaction. That’s why it’s essential to shop around and pick a formula from any of the top-rated hair growth products on our list.

If you have a medical condition or are currently taking medication, talk to your doctor before taking a hair growth supplement or product.

Hair Growth Supplement Benefits: What Does Science Say?

Taking a supplement to fight hair loss sounds weird. However, your body needs certain nutrients, proteins, vitamins, and minerals to build hair. By giving your body these ingredients, you can support hair growth. Below, we’ll review some of the scientific evidence supporting the hair growth supplements listed above.

Biotin is one of the most popular hair supplement ingredients. Studies show that taking biotin daily could help with hair loss, hair growth, and nail growth, among other benefits. In this double-blind, placebo-controlled study on biotin in 2012, researchers gave subjects biotin or a placebo for 90 to 180 days, then checked hair growth and hair quality. After 90 days, researchers noticed significant improvements in overall hair volume, scalp coverage, and hair thickness. After 180 days, participants experienced additional improvements in hair shine, moisture retention, and skin smoothness – all with no adverse side effects.

Similarly, this review study published in 2017 analyzed dozens of trials on biotin and hair loss. Researchers found that multiple studies connected biotin to hair and nail health benefits, although more large scale studies in humans were needed to verify these benefits. Nevertheless, many people take biotin supplements daily for hair, skin, and nail health. Biotin is a widely available B vitamin available through any supplement store.

Zinc is widely believed to be one of the best minerals for hair loss, and many people take zinc supplements daily to defend against hair loss. Studies show that zinc is a cofactor of metalloenzyme, which is why zinc is involved in almost every metabolism occurring in the body – and why it impacts hair growth. Zinc plays a crucial role in cycling hair follicles, which is part of your hair’s natural growth cycle.

The connection between zinc and hair loss is so strong that some studies have found that we can predict hair loss by testing zinc plasma levels. In this 2020 study published in Diagnostics, researchers found a 72.3% positive predictive value between zinc levels and hair quality. By getting your daily recommended dose of zinc, you could support hair growth in multiple ways.

Some hair growth supplements contain copper to help grow hair. Copper is backed by less research than zinc, however. In one study, researchers found that copper and zinc supplementation was particularly effective for patients deficient in both minerals. However, other studies have shown that copper supplements may be less effective if you already have a balanced diet.

In addition to vitamins and minerals, some hair growth supplements contain unique herbal extracts like horsetail extract. Horsetail extract is a type of herb that seems to have remarkable effects on your hair. Some studies show that horsetail extract inhibits 5-alpha reductase or helps with oxidation. Other studies show that horsetail extract is rich in minerals like silica that support hair growth. Some studies have linked horsetail to significant hair growth effects, while other studies have been less impressive.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, so it’s no surprise to see many hair growth supplements use collagen to support strength, thickness, and volume. No direct, randomized clinical trials have shown that collagen can contribute significantly to hair growth. However, multiple studies have connected collagen to skin and nail health. Collagen may support the skin’s health underneath your hair (your scalp), supporting hair growth indirectly.

To date, the FDA has only approved two drugs to treat male pattern baldness: minoxidil (the active ingredient in Rogaine and other hair loss formulas) and finasteride (the active ingredient in Propecia and other products). These drugs have been proven to regrow hair when used as directed. By applying minoxidil to your scalp daily, you may be able to treat pattern hair loss. Some of the best hair growth products contain minoxidil or finasteride, although these are considered drugs – not supplements.

Overall, the best hair growth supplements and products contain ingredients proven to work as advertised in multiple clinical trials. By applying these ingredients to your hair daily or taking the elements orally, you could support your body’s natural hair growth processes.

FAQs About Hair Growth Supplements

We get plenty of questions about hair care, hair growth, hair supplements, and hair products. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive:

Q: How much hair do I lose every day?

A: The average person loses 100 to 150 hairs per day. Your body naturally loses hair regularly. You may be losing hair, but that does not necessarily mean you are going bald.

Q: How many hair follicles do I have?

A: The average scalp has over 100,000 hair follicles.

Q: Does baldness come from the mother’s side?

A: It’s a myth that baldness comes from a mother’s male relatives. You can inherit baldness from either side of your family. If most of your male relatives are bald, you have a good chance of being bald as you get older.

Q: Is hair loss a symptom of a disease or medical condition?

A: Hair loss could be a symptom of a disease or a medical condition. Thyroid disease, iron deficiency anemia, and other conditions could be linked to hair loss. If you’re concerned about your hair loss, talk to a doctor.

Q: Who should I talk to about unexplained hair loss?

A: You may be tempted to talk to a doctor about sudden and unexplained hair loss. However, most experts recommend talking to a dermatologist. Dermatologists specialize in better skin, hair, and nails, and they may better diagnose you.

Q: How many growth phases does my hair go through?

A: Human hair grows through three phases, including the anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Anagen is the active, growing phase; catagen is a short phase when hairs begin to break down, and telogen is the resting phase. When you shed hairs daily, you’re shedding hairs in the catagen or telogen phase.

Q: How long do the hairs on my head normally live?

A: Healthy hairs in normal conditions will live on your scalp for around three years before falling off. In other words, the anagen (active or growing) phase of hair lasts about three years.

Q: How much of my hair is currently in the resting (telogen) phase?

A: About 10% of your hair is currently in the resting (telogen) phase. It’s a three-month period where the root of the hair shrivels, eventually causing your hair to fall out.

Q: Can life events, stress, and lifestyle factors impact hair growth?

A: Lifestyle factors can disrupt the growth rhythm of your hair. A sudden event, for example, can cause 30% of your strands to suddenly enter the telogen phase, leading to widespread baldness and other issues. Childbirth, high fevers, illnesses, sudden weight loss, crash dieting, surgeries, stressors, and other factors can all contribute to premature hair loss.

Q: What is androgenic alopecia?

A: Androgenic alopecia is another name for male pattern baldness. It’s a type of hair loss typically attributed to genetic causes and family history. Although it was initially labeled only in men, we now see androgenic alopecia in men and women.

Q: Can chemicals and shampoo cause hair loss?

A: There’s no evidence that regular shampooing can accelerate hair loss. Shampooing your hair regularly can cause strands to fall out, although only strands that were already ready to fall out. Coloring, perming, and conditioning your hair is also not expected to lead to hair loss.

Q: Can hairstyles cause hair loss?

A: It’s possible that tight hairstyles can cause some hair loss. If you regularly pull your hair tight to style it, for example, then it could contribute to hair loss.

Q: Why do people experience hair loss?

A: Hair loss is a hereditary condition in men and women. Approximately 50% of men will lose hair during their lifetime. Female pattern baldness occurs in about 25% of all women.

Q: Can I regain lost hair without surgery?

A: The FDA has approved two drugs for treating male pattern baldness, including Rogaine (minoxidil) and Propecia (finasteride). You can buy Rogaine over-the-counter at any pharmacy or store, although Propecia requires a prescription from a doctor.

Q: Does stress cause hair to fall out?

A: Yes, it’s possible that stress can cause hair to fall out. Excessive stress causes your body to release stress hormones like cortisol. These hormones impact many areas of your body – including hair growth. Fortunately, stress-related hair loss tends to be temporary, and you should regrow your hair once you reduce stress.

Q: How do I treat hair loss?

A: Male pattern baldness tends to be permanent. However, some men take supplements or apply hair care products to support any remaining hair. Others opt for hair replacement surgeries.

Q: Why is my hair getting thinner?

A: Your hair could be getting thinner due to a poor diet, genetic factors, age, medical conditions, stress, or other lifestyle factors.

Q: How quickly does hair grow?

A: Hair grows between 0.5 and 1.7cm per month, or around 0.2 to 0.7 inches per month. However, age, gender, and lifestyle factors can influence hair growth. Male hair tends to grow faster than female hair, for example.

Q: How do hair growth supplements work?

A: Hair growth supplements contain vitamins, minerals, plants, herbal extracts, and other ingredients to support hair loss in various ways. Some target inflammation and oxidation within your hair. Others support hair growth at the follicle level.

Q: What is Viviscal?

A: Viviscal is a dual-action hair care system shown to promote healthy hair growth. The formula is backed by 25 years of research and development, and it’s one of the most popular hair growth products available today.

Q: What are the best vitamins for hair loss?

A: Vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin D, and specific B vitamins (like biotin) have been linked to hair growth in multiple studies.

Q: What are the best minerals for hair loss?

A: Zinc, iron, and copper have been linked to hair growth in certain studies.

Q: How often should I shampoo?

A: Most experts recommend shampooing your hair at least once a week to remove dead skin cells and styling products.

Q: What is the leading cause of hair loss?

A: The leading cause of hair loss in men and women is androgenic alopecia (i.e., hereditary hair loss).

Q: What is the second leading cause of hair loss?

A: Age is the second leading cause of hair loss. As you get older, your body may naturally lose its hair.

Q: Do hair growth supplements work?

A: Hair growth supplements can support hair growth by giving your body the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients it needs to grow hair. However, most hair growth supplements have not been proven to reduce balding, reverse hair loss, or provide other dramatic effects.

Q: Does shaving increase hair growth?

A: There’s no evidence that hair grows back thicker after shaving, although it’s a common myth.

Q: How long does it take to see results from a hair loss supplement?

A: Most hair loss supplement companies recommend waiting 90 days to determine results. However, some supplements claim to offer visible results within weeks. And, some topical products claim to provide significant results within days or even hours of application.

Q: How do I stop hair loss?

A: Once hair loss starts, it can be challenging to stop it. However, taking a supplement or applying hair loss products to your hair could temporarily prevent further hair loss.

The Top Hair Growth Formulas of 2021 Final Word

Hair loss is one of the world’s most common conditions. Roughly 50% of men and 25% of women will experience hair loss at some point in their life.

There is no denying that this is a sensitive topic for men and women all around the world and the hair growth products and brands above are at the top of the list to consider:

To support hair growth and help your body defend itself against hair loss, you may want to take a supplement. Pick any of the top-ranked hair growth supplements on our list to enjoy the best possible results.

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