March 3, 2024

All You Need to Know About Wheel Chair Lift Vans

All You Need to Know About Wheel Chair Lift Vans

Truly, wheel chairs have been a great help for many individuals since its invention. However, as lifestyles got complicated, other tasks now require more than the help of a wheel chair. This is why wheel chair lift vans were developed and released in the market in the past decades. Indeed, wheel chairs have served a very important purpose in providing users the ability to travel from one place to another. But like many of us, you are most probably looking more into maximum comfort and convenience besides plain mobility. You’d not only want to go to places, but you’d also want to go to places faster and with less hassle.

Van features:

Wheel chair lift vans are specialized vans specifically designed for those who use scooters or wheel chairs to travel. Their major function is to make access to the vehicle itself much easier by providing a built-in device that lifts up the chair. The other major function of the lift is to provide a secure and spacious seating allocation for the wheel chair user.

Most of these already come with a ramp or a special automated device that can lift from the ground and into the vehicle. When used, suspensions often stiffen so that the weight of the hair will be handled appropriately.

They also generally come with two doors. They may have a back door or a side door. With a back door, a lift or ramp is provided for you to be elevated into the van. A back door will allow you to go directly through the middle and into the front of the seats in the vehicle. In this case, the back area of your van is elongated to allow the ramp to be longer and less steep. Parking might become somewhat of a hindrance because of the elongated feature, but most places provide handicap parking spaces.

Vans with side doors allow the wheel chair user to enter the vehicle from the side and travel a shorter distance to the front seat. These vans will not have a problem with parallel parking, but you may need a lot more space on the sides before accessing your vehicle at the parking lot.

These vehicles often have a lowered bearing to allow wheel chair users to access the vehicle with ease and without the risk of slipping backwards or falling sideways.


The cost of wheel chair lift vans will depend greatly on which type you go with and if you are going to have one customized. You have plenty of options when it comes to prices. Apply for grants, secure a loan, or ask financial help from the government. You can even find ways to raise money with family and friends to finance your purchase.