April 13, 2024

4 Natural Testosterone Booster Brands To Try Los Angeles Magazine

You’re constantly being bombarded with ads that talk about increased energy, a better sex drive, and better mental functioning, but you’re rightfully skeptical. Testosterone boosters? Sure, you may have fallen for a snake oil scam in your day, but you know better now. Why would you spend your hard-earned money on a product that you’re unsure about?

We are with you on this. It doesn’t make sense for you to shell out your cash for testosterone boosters that won’t even work. We did a little inside research to zero in on the best testosterone booster supplements, but we’ll tell you more about that later. Suffice to say we’re pleased, and we hope to hear from you once you’ve given one of these testosterone boosters a try. And just so you know, we won’t leave you high and dry. We chose some options that offer a 100% money back guarantee – if it’s not for you, all you have to do is return the product and you get your money back. You really don’t have anything to lose – but you do have a lot to gain.

Best Test Booster – Quick Summary

  1. TestoPrime – Editor’s Choice for Best Testosterone Booster
  2. Testogen – Customer Favorite Testosterone Booster
  3. Prime Male – Best Testosterone Booster for Comprehensive Health Support
  4. Testofuel – Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Growth

There are a lot of crooked companies and products out there. We don’t blame you for having your reservations about testosterone boosters. So, here’s the deal: we took the time to do the research, we found the top four brands that offer testosterone boosting products, and we summarize them in this article for you so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Testosterone Supplements: Research, Reviews & Overall Scores

1. TestoPrime – Editor’s Choice for Best Testosterone Booster 


  • Naturally sourced testosterone booster ingredients
  • Supports testosterone production of the luteinizing hormone 
  • FDA approved ingredients
  • Increase testosterone production naturally


  • Only testosterone booster bundles include bonus access  

It may feel like a false promise to think that you can flood your body with natural testosterone boosters to increase your energy levels, even after tough workouts. Testo Prime is our top choice from the four testosterone supplements because it helps you turn back the clock on your testosterone levels so you can regain control of your life. If you’re dealing with low testosterone levels, the symptoms you experience can only worsen. This presents as fatigue that makes it difficult to show up for your day, it can result in emotional overwhelm as a result of too much estrogen, and your body is likely to change (and not in a good way).

You already know that low testosterone levels can happen to any man after the age of 30 and Testo Prime was created to help you get ahead of those unfavorable symptoms related to low T. Within just a few weeks, you can experience a massive increase in your energy, a much quicker recovery time after your gym workouts, and an overall shift in the way that you feel about yourself, which impacts how others feel about you.

Still feeling skeptical? Testo Prime allows you to try their supplement completely risk-free, that way you can see the results in your own life or just get your money back. The formula is scientifically researched, the dosages they recommend are already proven effective, and all the ingredients are safe and natural without a prescription required for use.

The blend they’ve created uses 12 ingredients, the main ones being D-aspartic acid, panax ginseng, Ashwagandha extract, and fenugreek. Together, these ingredients help to support the production of luteinizing hormone; increase healthy levels of testosterone for improved weight loss results and bigger muscle gains; increase energy and reinvigorate your sex drive; support existing testosterone and improve cognitive ability; and increase metabolism, which makes it easier for you to burn fat.

When you decide to order, Testo Prime offers a bonus that includes access to their most popular ebooks at no cost. Learn about the foods that help you naturally produce testosterone and how to “add more power to your prime” to help you alongside your supplement regimen. You can skip the doctor’s office altogether and work toward boosting your motivation and your stamina so you can feel the vitality of a man in his twenties.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers report increased energy which allows them more time to enjoy their families, reduced stress levels, increased confidence, and better focus throughout the day. In addition to impacting day to day activities, customers also report recovery and strength are aided post workout and energy levels go through the roof for men of different ages.

Learn more at TestoPrime.com

2. Testogen – Customer Favorite Testosterone Booster


  • 100% safe and natural ingredients
  • Improves energy, performance, and muscle growth
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • Increases testosterone production


  • Be wary of dupes in stores; this product can only be purchased online

Testogen is so popular, it’s been featured in Men’s Health, LA Weekly, and even Men’s Journal. It’s backed by over 80,000 men in over 134 countries since 2014. It was created to help you battle fatigue, increased body fat, and a fading libido. When you experience low testosterone, you often find you feel depressed, irritable, and unmotivated to do pretty much anything.

But you can reverse these symptoms and take the reins of your life back. Low testosterone levels happen, and you don’t have to keep dealing with the symptoms this causes. This formula is easy to use, is completely safe and natural, and you can see fast results within just one month. With Testogen, you’ll notice increased energy, which means no more fading out during work meetings or being a couch potato when you get home. Instead, you can wake up feeling rejuvenated, handle your workday easily, still have the motivation to tackle your gym workout, and show up completely present for your family.

Low testosterone levels don’t just affect you; they affect the people around you. Regain your confidence by building your body with improved muscle definition and increased strength and get more from your workouts with a focused mind. If body fat has been sitting on your body for too long, you’ll notice that you can conquer plateaus and those changes will even transfer over to the bedroom. If the intimacy in your relationship has been changing, you can welcome back your sex drive and infuse a renewed sense of desire with your partner.

The ingredients list is simple and contains D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, and zinc to counteract the effects of low testosterone levels. In 12 days you can see a 42% increase in testosterone, in 12 weeks fenugreek works to keep that number rising, and zinc keeps your testosterone levels high even after 24 weeks. This formula was created in an FDA approved, GMP certified facility. Testogen fully discloses their formula and provides the most current, well researched dosages. They take care of their due diligence to deliver only high-quality, effective, and safe testosterone boosters.

What Customers Are Saying

After a full month’s use, customers report more energy throughout the day, especially when tackling challenging workouts. Men share that they both look and feel better than ever, able to train five days a week while still feeling motivated to cook family dinners at home. Most customers share before and after photos, noting how much their confidence has increased.

Learn more at Testogen.com

3. Prime Male – Best Testosterone Booster for Comprehensive Health Support


  • Helps you build lean muscle
  • Boost testosterone naturally 
  • Helps you achieve cardiovascular health
  • Fast delivery and noticeable results 


  • Savings only available through bundle offers 

With Prime Male, you can again become the man you once were – these types of testosterone boosters can boost testosterone levels to what they were up to 30 years ago. The best part is you see results in weeks, not months.

Your days filled with hard work, a high sex drive, boundless energy levels, and overall vitality don’t have to stay in the past. The primary benefits of taking Prime Male include lowered blood pressure, weight loss, controlled blood sugar levels, optimal prostate health, greater libido, and an easier time building lean muscle. This is a breakthrough product that combines 12 critical nutrients to help you get your youthful essence back.

It’s not exactly inspiring or motivating when you lose energy completing simple chores around the house. And when the idea of sex sounds unappealing, you know things aren’t working the way they used to. Your concentration starts waning, you have mental fog, and your overall mood is down in the dumps. You become a shell of the man you used to be when you don’t have high testosterone production. You can change all of that with a testosterone booster supplement that helps restore your confidence.

D-aspartic acid calcium chelate is included to help you reverse testosterone loss quickly, which also results in increased sexual potency. Korean red ginseng gifts you from the Orient so you can experience greater sexual satisfaction and notable improvements in your erection quality, which is especially helpful if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction. Luteolin Is incorporated into this supplement to block the production of “girly” hormones; basically, it works to reduce estrogen production.

What Customers Are Saying

Customers report having tried different products like injections, gels, and patches before landing on Prime Male’s testosterone boosting supplement. Energy levels, libido, and mental focus have improved, and blood work results clearly show how Prime Male is working to increase testosterone levels.

Learn more at PrimeMale.com

4. Testofuel – Best Testosterone Booster for Muscle Growth


  • Helps to reduce body fat
  • Boost testosterone and self confidence
  • Helps you look and feel healthier
  • Ideal for muscle growth


  • Though safe, you should first consult with your doctor if you’re taking any medications

As you get older, you may be spending more time at the gym, lifting for longer periods, taking different pre-workouts, and sweating bullets – and if you’re not seeing results despite all the time and effort you’re putting in, it could be due to low testosterone levels.

The fact is you don’t prioritize the gym just because you think it’s a good time. When you work out hard, you’re looking for results. You want to feel powerful, confident, and attractive. TestoFuel takes care of the missing link between your effort and muscle growth. Without testosterone at normal to high levels, the time you’re putting in and all the other measures you’re taking just don’t have the right foundation.

Think of it this way, the house you live in is built on a solid foundation. The biological equivalent to the solid foundation of your home is testosterone. This is an essential hormone because it controls many of your other major biological functions. Not only does it help you increase muscle mass, but it also helps you decrease body fat through careful regulation of your fat metabolism. Boost testosterone for motivation and competitiveness – you know that when you’re driven, your performance completely changes.

TestoFuel’s formula is tried and tested and contains 100% natural ingredients that include D-aspartic acid, vitamin D, and oyster extract to give your body what it needs to grow. D-aspartic acid helps with growth hormone production and muscle mass, vitamin D helps reduce muscle soreness so you can get after it more easily, and it improves cognitive performance so you can stay focused and finish out strong every time you train. Oyster extract contains zinc, which has a special ability to elevate testosterone levels and works toward improved prostate health.

What Customers Are Saying

Robby Robinson, also known as Mr. Lifestyle, is a proud customer who became Mr. America twice and Mr. World twice in the bodybuilding arena. His biceps are well sculpted, and his achievements list is legendary within the industry. Other customers share how blown away they are by their testosterone booster results – their motivation has increased, their lifts are bigger, and they’ve even been asked if they were taking steroids because of their massive gains.

Learn more at Testofuel.com

What causes low testosterone?

There are several causes of low testosterone but basically, they can be categorized as three basic types: typical, normal aging, primary hypogonadism or secondary hypogonadism.

Typical, normal aging

As you age, it’s natural for your testosterone levels to drop. It begins decreasing every year after you turn 30. For some men, this drop in testosterone is drastic. However, most older men have low levels of testosterone.

Primary hypogonadism

Primary hypogonadism relates to underactive testes. Essentially, the testicles don’t create sufficient testosterone levels for ideal health. Because of this underactivity, symptoms associated with low testosterone levels become prevalent. Primary hypogonadism may be due to inherited conditions like undescended testicles or hemochromatosis. However, this condition may be due to testicle damage like physical injury to the testicles or a result of chemotherapy or radiation that causes damage to testicles.

Secondary hypogonadism

Secondary hypogonadism refers to a damaged hypothalamus or pituitary gland. It’s not directly related to physical injury to the testes, rather to parts of your brain that control hormone production. This may be due to inherited conditions like pituitary disorders or inflammatory diseases or even HIV/AIDS. However, this could also be due to obesity, medications you may be taking, or normal aging, which affects the way your body produces and responds to hormones.

Benefits of testosterone booster supplements

When you take testosterone boosters, you can expect increased testosterone production which allows you to experience several different benefits that affect your overall experience of life, including your self-esteem. Below are the primary benefits that users of testosterone boosting supplements experience:

Improved sex drive

Sexual arousal and overall sex drive are linked to high testosterone levels. When you take testosterone boosting supplements, you can expect to enjoy greater sexual function.

Increased lean muscle mass

Lean muscle mass is directly linked with testosterone levels. As you age, your testosterone converts to estrogen, which often means more body fat, especially in the belly area. Some men experience enlarged breast tissue as well. When you increase testosterone levels with a testosterone supplement, you can decrease fat mass and also improve the overall lean muscle mass on your body. Whether you’re trying to create the best physique of your life or you’re just trying to get rid of the gut that hangs over your pants, a testosterone booster can help.

Stronger bones

Bone mineral density requires testosterone. As you get older and your testosterone levels decrease, your risk for osteoporosis and weak bones increases. When you take testosterone boosters, you help support your bones, which consequently supports your muscles and internal organs. Strong bones mean better athletic performance, which directly impacts your physique. 

Enhanced cognitive function

Men with higher testosterone levels have a reduced risk for developing cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s. Additionally, testosterone is known to improve cognitive skills that include memory and processing speed.

What should I look out for when searching for the best testosterone boosters?

When you’re looking for the best testosterone boosters, you should be looking at a couple of different pieces of information. The most important is the ingredients list. You have to know what you’re putting into your body. And we’re not just talking about a bulleted list of ingredients, we’re talking a full rundown of what’s in each capsule. You’ll notice the brands we shared with you include a complete ingredients list and give you a breakdown of why they include each ingredient in the formula. Each addition has to be intentional and work toward the ultimate purpose of increasing your testosterone production.

You should also be checking out customer testimonials. The best testosterone boosters usually have a hefty consumer base. Look for before and after photographs of verified buyers who share their experience after taking the testosterone boosting product. Reviews detail some inside information that can make you feel more confident about your buying decision. Take the time to read through different online reviews and testimonials to learn about the ins and outs of the testosterone booster you’re looking at.

Also, take a look at the company‘s reputation. You should only look for the best and the safest products. The best testosterone boosters are usually only sold through the company‘s website. You should verify how else they sell their products to ensure you avoid any dupes you might find in brick-and-mortar stores. Be careful and make sure you’re only buying from reputable vendors.

This almost goes without saying but you should only be purchasing natural testosterone boosters that are completely safe and legal. When you’re looking to increase testosterone levels, the last thing you want to deal with is adverse side effects from a supplement that contains dangerous additives. The best way to prevent this from happening is to fully vet the company and all ingredients.

Testosterone booster side effects

A natural testosterone booster has thoroughly verified components. These ingredients are carefully combined to create legal testosterone boosters. They are safe for human ingestion and have been approved by the FDA at the proper dosage. These are created specifically to help increase your testosterone production. 

When you use the product as directed, there are very few side effects. The above-mentioned products are completely legal and safe to use. However, testosterone boosters do carry potential health hazards, particularly when used for an extended period of time. Remember that any supplement that is misused will have unpleasant and occasionally severe adverse effects. It’s critical not to overdose or take more than the recommended dosage.

Oily skin and acne are common side effects, as are increased body hair and minor fluid retention. More severe side effects can be prevented by following the recommended dosages. If you notice unusual side effects, simply discontinue use, and speak with your doctor for guidance. 

Testosterone Boosting Supplements – FAQ

What are the signs of low T levels?

If you think you might require testosterone boosters, there are a few symptoms to look for that can help you clarify if testosterone is what you need.

Sex drive is reduced when testosterone levels are low. You may have low testosterone levels if your desire for sex has changed or if you’re having trouble getting an erection.

Physically, you may feel less overall energy and motivation, and may experience fatigue regularly. You may also notice a decrease in muscle mass and an increase in your overall body fat. The body you used to have starts changing and some men develop enlarged breast tissue. Hair loss, mood swings, and even hot flashes are some additional unfavorable signs that your testosterone levels are low. A natural testosterone booster helps to counteract all of these symptoms. 

Should anyone not take testosterone boosters?

Testosterone supplements are ideal for hypogonadism sufferers and men over the age of 30 who are starting to see the negative effects of testosterone insufficiency. Men who have erectile dysfunction are also excellent candidates for testosterone supplements but it’s important to know that this condition may also be related to other health issues. 

Men who are prone to heart disease and strokes, on the other hand, should be cautious before using testosterone boosters. If you have cardiac problems but believe you need a testosterone booster, talk to your doctor before starting any kind of supplement regimen. 

Women should also avoid taking testosterone boosters made specifically for men. 

When will I notice the results?

When consuming a testosterone supplement, symptoms of low testosterone can improve in as little as 12 days. When adequate nutrition and exercise are in place, athletic and physical benefits can be enjoyed in as little as six weeks.

If you also work toward boosting your protein consumption while taking a testosterone supplement, you’ll notice that you’re better able to improve your physique and athletic performance. Higher testosterone levels assist your body with absorbing and retaining more of the protein you eat, which makes the muscle-building process a lot easier.

What else can I do to increase my testosterone levels?

Get adequate levels of zinc; it’s critical for regulating testosterone levels in males. Zinc can be obtained from seafood, as well as from testosterone boosters, as seen with the products we highlighted above. 

Testosterone synthesis is also aided by potassium. Bananas and spinach are potassium-rich foods that you can easily work toward incorporating in your diet.

You can also increase your physical activity, which will naturally raise your testosterone levels. Avoid sugar-laden foods and make sure you follow a regular sleep schedule as well. If you lead a stressful lifestyle, incorporate stress-relieving activities like meditation, hiking, or even yoga to help decrease the havoc the stress hormone, cortisol, wrecks on your body. 


Low T levels are harmful to your health – that’s a given. This issue can impair your muscle mass, your desire and enjoyment of sex, and can impact your relationship, as well as provoke mood issues. When you reach middle age, you are more prone to develop testosterone deficiency or low testosterone, which is characterized by fatigue, mood disorders, stress, and other undesirable symptoms. Remember how we told you that we did a little inside research ourselves when looking for the best testosterone booster supplements? Our in-house staff checked these out and let’s just say they’re believers now. 

Low T is a result of the natural aging process. There are a variety of different reasons that can contribute to low testosterone levels, however. Obesity, testicular injury, medicines, and metabolic syndrome are just a few examples. If you’ve been told you have low testosterone, this is not the time to give up. Rather, it’s the time to do some serious research and pick a testosterone booster that increases your testosterone levels naturally. We hope you find what you’re looking for in one of the products above – there’s no better time to improve your life than now.