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Month: October 2023

Vitamin A Overdose

The motive we have to be mindful of Vitamin A overdose (aka. hypervitaminosis A) is for the reason that Vitamin A is a excess fat-soluble vitamin. This signifies that it receives stored in your entire body (generally in your liver) so using as well considerably Vitamin A is something to be very careful of.

Vitamin A “danger amounts” start to build when using in about 25,000IU or additional of Vitamin A for each day for a prolonged time. And a prolonged time can necessarily mean months, or even decades.

Some of the signs consist of blurred vision, bone agony, headaches,

Is Buying a Reconditioned Stair Lift a Really Wise Move?

Is it really all right for you to buy a reconditioned stair lift instead of a brand new one? This is the question that commonly pops into a person’s mind if they need a stair tools but is not sure if they have the funds to purchase a brand new product. Most buyers’ guides to stair lifts recommend getting a new one instead of a used one, acquiring a reconditioned stair lift does present a few advantages.

The biggest advantage is obviously the fact that it can save you some money if you buy a used lifts instead of a …

How to Lift Up Yourself by Lifting Up Others

We’re always trying to find new methods in an attempt to build up how we feel about ourselves. Many of the methods I see people employing are very inward or all about them. This might include reading a particular book, self-meditation or daily affirmations. I am not trying to put any of these methods down. They are all very useful and should be part of your personal arsenal. To me, the most trusted method of building up your self-image is to lift the spirits of another.

I get the most joy out of lifting up a stranger. It could be …

Land-Lever-Lift Technique – Good Form is the Key to Efficient Running and Preventing Injuries

I’ve been coaching efficient running and injury prevention through optimal running form, foot support and footwear for years. It would be naive to go by the results of sponsored elite athletes and satisfied customers, but the initial results of a study started last spring at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology reinforced my ideas.

The study, conducted through the Chemistry of Sport class taught by Dr. Patti Christie, took 25 athletic individuals with various running abilities and put them through an eight-week distance running program. The research was based around running 4x800m or 4x1600m repeats while holding a constant heart rate.…