We have seen dozens of commercials offering products that will make you look healthy and fit. Magic pills, top of the line fitness machines, and surgery promising a hard flat stomach. You may have tried everything the commercial offered and realized later on that a ‘perfect’ model was merely paid to pose and give a statement about the product.
The truth is, there is no magic way to be fit. They know it and you know it. If you want to be fit you have exert a lot of effort and discipline- it does not happen overnight.

Here are some steps that will help you stay fit and healthy.

o First, make a decision to change- TODAY! Wait for nothing, do not ask for a sign, change your diet, eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of fluids (and by fluids we do not mean alcohol or sodas, we mean WATER!).

o Second, take good care of yourself. Taking care of yourself does not cost much. If you do not have enough money for gym membership, you can always rely on good old fashioned walking and jogging.

o Third, have a goal. Achievable and real goal. Do not aim for wash board abs in two weeks. Again, there is no easy way. Set your goals on issues like lowering your blood cholesterol, or losing some weight in the next two weeks and then you can start from there.

o Fourth, make a plan. Plan when to measure your progress, make a plan on what you should eat and what you intend to do in the next 2 or 3 weeks. This way, you will know you are on the right track.

o And most importantly, you have to feel good about yourself. Only when you enjoy what you are doing will you be able to sustain this fitness plan. Just focus and stick to your goals and you are on your way to becoming healthy and fit.