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Month: November 2022

How To Make Your Bathroom Safe For Elderly Relatives


Ways To Make Your Bathroom Safer For Elderly Relatives

When you are living with a relative who is older, you will need to adapt your home so it is safe for them to move around, as well as make sure that all areas are accessible to them.

Of course, the level of adaptation will vary based on the mobility issues that your relative has, but it’s worth noting that one area where many people with limited mobility struggle is in the bathroom.

It is sad to say that this room is the main area in the home (besides the stairs)

Google’s AI Will Now Be Used in Mammograms

Google’s AI algorithm for helping to screen for breast cancer will now be part of commercial mammograms.

On November 28, the company announced it licensed its AI technology to iCAD, a medical technology company that provides breast cancer detection services to health care facilities around the world.

While iCAD already includes AI-based strategies in its cancer screening services, it will now also incorporate Google’s algorithm, which Google has been testing with researchers at Northwestern University. “It’s an inflection point for us,” says Greg Corrado, co-founder of the Google Brain team and principal scientist on Google’s AI health care

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Google despises black hat SEO techniques.

Whether performed intentionally or unintentionally, black hat techniques involve tricking users and search engines to gain rankings.

If any site incorporates these practices, Google eventually finds out and penalizes the site accordingly. 

These penalties can be as minor as gaining a lower SERP position or as severe as being completely removed from the Google index.

In this article, I’ll share 11 black hat SEO techniques to avoid, and how to comply with Google’s search engine guidelines. 

But first, what is black hat SEO?

What is Black Hat SEO?

The term black hat SEO is

5 Expensive Gifts Ideas for Someone on the GAPS Diet

FTC Disclosure: This post may include links which allow me to earn a small commission on the item(s) purchased. This has no effect on your price. GAPS Diet Journey is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.

Little Boy Christmas PresentSomeone you love is on the GAPS Diet and you’re on the hunt for a gift that will make their life easier. The GAPS Diet can be challenging but it is worth the effort. Sometimes the cost of the food

How Drinking Alcohol Can Affect Your Career

Alcohol and the workplace have always been an interesting combination. Back in the 1980s and prior, a lunchtime pint was the done thing, whereas today that’s much rarer alongside the typical post-work Friday drinks,

However, that doesn’t mean alcohol isn’t affecting you in the workplace. Particularly if you are a heavier drinker outside of the 9-5.

With the pandemic locking people down and seeing millions have to work from home, which has continued into the slightly more normal life we lead today, there was a fear that drinking on the job was coming back.

That is in part backed

The Incredible Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist

Almost all of us know of seeing an orthodontist. However, it is important to visit them every few months. If you don’t know, an orthodontist specializes in the alignments of the jaw and teeth.

The reason why many people have realized the importance of visiting an orthodontist is that they can provide retainers, Invisalign, braces, and different treatments to fix the shape, size, and position of your teeth. Once done right, you can smile with confidence and look more attractive.

The Incredible Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist

After all, everyone wants to look the best version of themselves. However, if you have reservations about checking with an …